Text massage with long code

Text message is the most effective communication channel and customary to all. Mainly, long code number is referred as the standard number of phones which is used to send and get message. It can be text message or voice massage. Long code means 10 digits phone number and it is used in many countries.

Advantages of long code text massages:

With the help of long code, your organisation can utilize the exact number for send text message or SMS. Not only that, you are able to make calls and even can send faxes. This type of communication method is helpful to all. Apart from all these, you can be supportive to set up a channel of consistent to maintain all the forms to communicate with the customers. Our texting service of business even lets your text empower a prevailing VoIP line or the service of landline.

Along with this, a text message which arrives from a standard long code (10 digits) number, it gives a feeling that this message came from a person, not from a bot. These reasons can make the long code digit number a perfect system to provide the experience of personalised customer service facility.

Disadvantages of long code digit:

Having many facilities, it is problematic within few times such as with the help of long code digit system, you can send only one message per second. In that case, if you like to send one massages to a large number of people at a time, you must use a number with short code. Long code text messaging is dissimilar to short code and their capability is various too. Unlike the short code, the system of long code has limitation to send SMS or text messages. Not only this, with this long code number you are not able to send picture massages.

Exact time to use long code:

Long code is useful in several times such as:

  • To connect 1 on 1 with a consumer
  • To offer the service of customer by using SMS
  • To set up the network of texting for the internal staff
  • To put you contact number consistent over all the channels

SMS with virtual cell phone number

Virtual cell phone number is referend such a specific number which has no corporeal phone line connected with it. Mainly virtual numbers are used in the business sector to route customer call which is incoming. These calls are routed to the accurate agencies which are based on the input of the customer through the system of IVR.

Features of virtual cell phone numbers:

Virtual cell phone number SMS are included with call recording, call queuing, smart call routing, call reporting, IVR, parallel ringing, call differentiation, customizable, and call forwarding. Virtual numbers are encompassed with toll free numbers and local numbers. Cloud sim, GoDaddy smart line, Burner, Google voice and Hushed are the best methods of virtual cell phone number to send text massage or SMS.

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