The Advantages of Using Tubular Batteries

A tubular battery is a variety of lead-acid battery which replaces grid with a positive electrode and comb-like lead framework which supports the positive element with tubular bags.  The structure got the name as it looks like a group of tubes kept side by side along with the length of the electrode.

Tubular batteries are known as deep discharge batteries as a small amount of current is always available for a long period of time.  Large amount of current cannot be produced by tubular batteries because they got thicker electrodes and low surface area. For this reason, the tubular batteries are not suitable for the devices which need a large amount of current it in a very short period of time.  The Tubular batteries are utilized in home applications like power backup, solar equipment and electric propulsion of vehicles.

The Tubular batteries are long lasting and have twice shelf life than the normal flat plate batteries.  The tubes protect the active material and they do not shed off quickly. Shedding of positive material is the principal reason for the failure of the late batteries.  Typically the Tubular battery lasts for 4 to 8 years. Tubular batteries are available in the market as well as you can buy tubular battery online india.

Comparing the quality

You can check the quality of tubular battery e on the basis of its dry weight.  If you want to compare two batteries of equal AH rating belonging to different brands, first you have to empty both of the batteries so that there is no electrolyte left in the batteries.  Take the weight of both batteries and whichever battery has more weight is likely to have more backup and long life. If you take the weight of the batteries filled with electrolyte then it will not give you an accurate result.  Some local tubular battery brands fill their batteries with extra electrolyte to make them heavy and mislead the customers. Therefore it is safe to buy branded tubular battery online.   

Advantages of tubular battery

The multi-tube bag gauntlets are formed of high tenacity polyester and filled with the acrylic resin system which is fixed crosswise to the tubes. The gauntlets have low electrical resistance and high porosity which permits easy movement of the electrolytes but often reduces active material shedding.

Due to effective mechanical resistance and elasticity, the gauntlet withstands the high pressure produced by the active material at the time of its cyclical expansion.  The scraps and pollution are also reduced by the mechanical resistance to abrasion at the time of cell assembly.

The positive surface area of tubular batteries is more than the regular batteries and as a consequence, they have 20% more electrical capacity than the flat surface area batteries.  The Tubular battery also has 30% more shelf life than the flat plate batteries because the Tubular batteries have less positive plate shedding.

The compact structure of the Tubular batteries along with increased mass and surface area of active material the Tubular batteries are able to deliver more energy at a faster rate.

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