The Best Filipino Dramas of 2017 | Must Watch

Filipino dramas have made its name in the television industry by producing many hit dramas of all genres. People love watching these Filipino dramas as they have an amazing story and cast, and is directed by the best of directors. Many people watch these Filipino TV shows on television when they go on air, and many people have subscribed to different websites so they don’t miss a single episode of their favorite TV show.

The PinoyChannel is the online website that is the most used and visited for Filipino TV shows and movies. Pinoy website has all the Filipino dramas that you would love to watch. Also, they stream all the dramas in HD so they are always nice to watch.

You can now catch up on your favorite Filipino TV show by visiting the Filipino PinoyChannel without waiting months to watch your favorite show.

Also, if you are searching for the best Filipino TV show; here is a list of the best Filipino TV shows of 2017 that you don’t want to miss. All these TV shows have amazing and heart touching stories. They are directed and produced by the best directors and the cast is just as good.

#1. WildFlower (2017)

The WildFlower is a TV show that is being on aired from Feburary 13, 2017 and people are going crazy over it. The story is all different from others as it is a mixture of revenge, thriller, romance, crime and politics. WildFlower is a TV show that you can watch with your whole family. The cast of WildFlower stares the best actors which makes this Filipino drama even more interesting. Enjoy this romantic thriller Filipino TV show from the best TV drama website.

#2. The Promise of Forever (2017)

Do you love watching romantic movies and serials? Well then, this Filipino TV drama is something you will definitely love. Filipino has always amazed us by producing the best romantic stories of all time. The Promise of Forever was aired on the 16 of October 2017 and people love it. With unique story of a poor family boy Lorenzo who somehow managed to become a successful doctor. Find out what happens next in this 2017 best rated Filipino drama serial.

#3. The Better Half (2017)

Another best romantic drama genre serial of the Filipino Television is the better half. The better half was first aired on September 8, 2017. It is one of the best story dramas that are being aired on Filipino TV. It is a story of how a young married couple meets an airplane crash and took away the husband. Find out how the Camille grows in her life and what she faces. You can now watch the full episodes of this best Filipino TV serial on the PinnoyChannel in HD print and amazing quality.

#4. Lobo (2017)

If you love fantasy and romance, you will love Lobo. It is a Filipino TV serial that was aired on the 17th of July 2017. Catch the story of two opposite clans fighting without using their powers and how she fell in love after. Also, Lobo is rated as one of the best Filipino drama of 2017 and is a must watch for all fantasy lovers.

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