The importance of a clean workplace: A guide to a happy employee 

Who doesn’t like walking into a nice and clean room? Imagine walking into a room where things are littered on the floor, with cobwebs hanging from the ceilings and smear marks all over the wall. A clean workplace doesn’t only create a good first impression on the to-be employees and prospective clients who walk in, but it also impacts the employees and their productivity. An employee needs to walk into a place of work which makes him or her happy, not a workplace which looks like the inside of a garbage bag. The happier the employee, the better his or productivity. And a happy employee means a lower employee turnover.

A dirty workplace affects the employee’s mood: Think about it from the employee’s point of view. He or she walks through the clean streets of Melbourne to work and then walks into a room which is messy and dirty. That first thought when the employee walks into the office door is what sets his or her mood for the day. You don’t want your employee to walk in with a foul mood, and then be totally inattentive when it comes to working.

The workplace is the employees second home: If your company is unable to find cleaners who do a satisfactory job of cleaning, you can always make some calls to companies which are known for commercial cleaning in Melbourne. You can sign a contract with the cleaning company depending on your requirements – daily, weekly, twice a week. Considering that the workplace is essentially a second home for employees (since they spend more than 8 hours of their day at work), it is important to keep it clean.

Employees talk about their dissatisfaction with the workplace: Employees talk about their bosses and workplaces to their friends, family and even on social media. If an employee is unhappy or dissatisfied with their workplace, be assured they will be telling everyone. And you really don’t want your company to get an image of being dirty or unclean. Such an image is not only bad for business, but it will also be very difficult for you to find people who want to work for your company!

A dirty workplace could make employees sick: Dust and dirt lying around could lead to infections and illnesses. And the last thing any company wants is having all its employees fall sick. The changes of germs and dirt spreading in the workplace are very high, especially during flu season. In fact, having a dirty workplace could be considered a safety hazard as it is basically a breeding ground for bacteria and possibly viruses!

A clean workplace is an organized workplace: By having recycling bins, garbage bags, designated smoking spots and other such waste disposal mechanisms you are setting an example for your employees. If your office shows cleanliness and organization, then the employees will make an extra effort to maintain the same level of cleanliness themselves.

So the next time you feel your office isn’t as clean as it should be, look up some cleaning companies in Melbourne and hire some help. After all, it’s better to clean than sorry!


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