The Superior XLPE Power Cables

XLPE cables are known for their ability to function as cable insulants for an extensive range of voltages. In terms of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, XLPE is the abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene. If you are wondering why polyethylene is used, then let me tell you it has got amazing properties and beneficial features, especially in cases of low dielectric loss, it can be used at higher voltages as compared to PVCs. The crosslinking actually stops the molecules to move when heated up which provides a greater stability at much higher temperatures of heat as that of other thermoplastic materials. This is what makes XLPE superior to the PVCs. These are widely used in the UK region. If you are looking for these brilliant XLPE Power cables, check out the manufacturing process first which will enable you to understand its features in detail:

Manufacturing Process – The difference in the manufacturing process of the XLPE Power Cables is quite similar to the PVC manufacturing except that of the thickness of the insulation coating is lesser as the XLPEs are comparatively stronger and harder. The XLPEs which are considered for 6.6 kV and higher have semi conducting screens on the conductor itself and also over each insulated core. This semi conducting screen is actually a thin layer which acts as an insulant and is cross linked such that the two components get closely bonded to each other. This semi conducting screen may be just a semi conductible paint or a tape over the insulant.

Usages – XLPE Power Cables are quite popular in UK where the single core form is used for cabling purposes in power stations as lightweight and easy termination and installation are the key points. In some of the sites, the three core designs of XLPE Power Cables are also considered. The areas which require XLPE Power Cables are as below:

  • Circular Stranded Conductor
  • Semi conductible XLPE Screens
  • XLPE insulation
  • Semi conductible tape screens
  • Copper tape screens
  • PVC filters
  • Binders
  • Extruded PVC sheath
  • Galvanized steel wire armor
  • Extruded PVC over sheath

Properties of XLPE Power Cables – Below are the features that make XLPE Power Cables extensively used in UK and are increasing in demand in other international locations.

  • High Current Carrying Ability – They provide a tough resistance to thermal deformation and their aging property is what enables them to bear and transmit a higher electric load about 90 degree Celsius under normal, 130 degree Celsius in emergency and about 250 degree Celsius in short circuit conditions.
  • Easy and Fast Installation – These have a smaller radius and are lightweight. Also their splicing and terminating procedures are quite simple as compared to the other types of cables.
  • No height Limitation and Maintenance – They can be installed anywhere without any height limitations as they don’t contain oil. This property ensures safety and security from hazards arising out of oil migration in oil filled cables.
  • No Metal Cover – The absence of metal cover means there is no abrasion and corrosion!

Consult one of the leading XLPE Power Cable manufacturers before you finalise the cable for your project so that you receive quality tested genuine products only. Remember these are critical electrical items where a minute carelessness might lead to a severe havoc, so choose the best in order to deliver the safest!

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