The Truth About 100 VG Eliquid Brands

As more and more vape users aim to avoid propylene glycol (PG), the idea of 100% VG eliquids has an obvious appeal. There are many supposed 100 VG Eliquid Brands on the market, but making an eliquid requires a mixture of ingredients. While it would be amazing to have a flavorful e-liquid made entirely from VG, sadly that just is not possible.

Vegetable glycerin, commonly known as VG, is an odorless and naturally sweet liquid. It is formed by the reaction of plant fats with lye, which forms a fatty salt(soap) and VG. VG has been used in food, drinks, medicine, and cosmetic products for over a century. Allergic reactions to VG are rare, making it a perfect hypoallergenic option for e-liquids.

In eliquids, VG provides a natural sweetness. This means eliquids with high VG content do not require additional sweeteners. Vg also vapes at low temperatures, producing remarkably thick clouds of vapor. The naturally thick consistency of VG eliquids makes them perfect for cloud chasers using sub ohm vaping setups. Most brands combine VG and PG in various ratios to create their eliquids.

Propylene glycol’s main contribution to eliquids is its flavor retention. In fact, most liquid flavors used in e-liquids use PG as a base. Large percentages of PG can give eliquids a throat hit, which is a slight irritation to the back of the throat. This throat hit is valued by users who enjoy vaping for cessation purposes. PG can also irritate the eyes and skin in sensitive individuals. Because PG allergies can develop without warning, many vape users will start experiencing these symptoms without warning and need to pursue eliquids with low PG content

There are many supposed 100% VG eliquid brands, but this title is more of an ad technique than the truth. In fact, if you wanted a truly 100% VG eliquid, you would just be vaping flavorless sweet clouds. VG doesn’t hold flavor well, so it is extremely difficult to create VG based flavors for eliquids. Instead, PG based flavors are often the only option available for manufacturers.

Instead of 100% VG mixtures, most brands focus on creating max VG e liquids. While there is no official standard for what makes a mixture max VG, it is generally accepted that they should contain 90% or more VG by volume. The additional 10% is typically composed of PG based flavor additives and liquid nicotine if you enjoy nicotine in your eliquids.

At SMAX, we offer a collection of six premium max VG eliquids. Many of our customers who experience PG sensitivity are able to enjoy our eliquids with no ill effect. Each of our flavors uses 10% or less PG by volume to provide a full flavor profile in every bottle. In order to ensure we offer a flavor that anyone would love, our collection is split into three fruit flavors and three dessert flavors. The entire collection is known as the SMAX Bundle, a title we chose based on the faith we have in our eliquids.

So whether you are looking to consume less PG or you just want to start pumping the thickest clouds out of your rig, the premium eliquids here at SMAX are a perfect option for you. Visit our website today and find the perfect flavor for you, like our best-selling fruit combination Pony On Acid. You can even save big by buying our entire collection in our SMAX Bible bundle. We know that you’ll find your next all day vape when you try our delicious SMAX flavors.

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