Things You Can Do On Your Budget Trip to Rajkot

Budget Trip to Rajkot

Although there is nothing like a tourist destination if you think about visiting Rajkot city yet there are number of things you can do. If you have a limited budget and want to make your Gujarat trip worthwhile, see the local markets, vibrant fairs, and great food of Rajkot.

Here we get the list of ‘to do things’ while planning for budget hotel booking Rajkot.

Enjoy the relishing recipes

One of the first things you can do when reaching Rajkot India is enjoying a delicious Gujarati meal. A blend of mix of vegetarian, meat dishes, and seafood, the Gujarati cuisine will tickle your tastebuds and encourage you to have as many dishes as you can!

A thali works for everyone, which includes numerous items like lentils, veggie curries, rice, rotis, chutneys, and freshly chopped veggies. If you are a person who loves spicy, you can try Kathiyawadi thali. And don’t forget to taste the famous khichdi, buttermilk, and dhokla.

Explore the Mayur Patola Art in workshops

Patola sarees are rich in intricate design and weaving patterns. These are expensive sarees and once wore only by aristocratic families. You can visit workshops at Mayur Patola Art, near Virani High School and Sarvodaya society to learn how these sarees are made.

You can even get them at the nearby local saree shop. A few shops that sell patola sarees are Pooka Patola Saree, Sindhoi Patola Art and Gohil Patola Art.

Plan for Fair

If you are planning to visit Rajkot between August and September, don’t miss the festivities at Tarnetar Fair that held near Triniteshwar Mahadev. This three day festival sees hundreds of romantic hopefuls eager to find their spouse.

Traditional dances, amusement rides, shops selling knich knacks and songs are just a few of attractions of the fair.

Savor ice cream at Shree Shakti Vijay Patel Soda

Shree Shakti Vijay Patel Soda Factory is an old famous brand that offers a list of flavors in different styles. It is established in Rajkot and provides several ice cream flavors to satisfy people with sweet tooth.

Go wild at fun world

If you are looking for some fun activities in Gujarat, you can visit a popular amusement park that has number of rides for all ages. There is a horror house, a hall of mirrors, carousels, and a food court to make your day well spent.

If you are traveling with your family to Rajkot during the season, you can enroll them in competitions and summer camps held at the park.

Go Hiking to Osam Hill

Hiking is an incredible way to explore the natural side of Rajkot city. You can plan your trip to Osam hill in the village of Patanvav. The hill has a history and a religious significance as it’s believed that the Pandavas stayed at this hill during their exile.

However, the fort where they lived is now in ruins, but you can explore it when you reach the top. These are the things you can plan for your short Gujarat trip.

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