Tips on Styling Your Wooden Deck

While we may not pay much attention to the outer areas of our home, a deck flooring is different. It is a place to relax with friends and family, organize dinners and watch the sun go down. When done well, a deck is a good place for hosting parties, or barbecues. Part of this is the deck flooring. The most popular option here is wooden deck flooring.

Our top tips for styling the deck are:

Deciding the style

Your deck should ideally be an extension of the house. A little outdoor space that is made for sitting and relaxing. As an extension of the house it should ideally be an extension of the decor style as well. So, if your house is contemporary, the deck should share the same look. A classic styles home should again, have a more classic looking deck. Wooden decks are extremely suitable here because they are incredibly flexible when it comes to their looks. They can easily be adapted to a contemporary or a modern look.

Mastering the rustic look

But the best style for wooden decks is the rustic look. Fortunately, it also goes with all kinds of architecture. All it needs is a few potted plants. You can put big leaf palms or get some hanging pots around the railing and the deck area. Look for creepers that can hang form pots or wind around the railings. Bright flowers can lighten up the look and bring a burst of bright colours. Use the space to grow your little herb garden as well. You don’t need fancy planters here. In fact, the rustic terracotta will be perfect. But look out for unusual planters like an old tin drum or even bathtub!

Furnishing it right

The furniture should complement the look. To continue with the rustic look, go for wrought iron and wood furniture. It is a perfect complement to the wooden deck flooring. It can also withstand exposure to the sun, air and occasional rain. The wrought iron furniture goes equally well with the contemporary style. Look for simple lines for a modern look.

Another alternative is bamboo. Like wrought iron, bamboo is also very good at withstanding the outer weather conditions. Bamboo furniture also comes in more design options, including comfy sofas and couches. When couples with the right cushions and seats, you can give it any look you want. Go for elegant classic look or a starker modern version. However, be careful of keeping cushions outside in case it rains.

The other factor you have to consider is what to keep at your deck. This depends on the space and what you plan to use it for. If you plan to host friends and have a meal sometimes, you may want a small table with chairs. A bench will also work just fine. If the space is not enough and you just want a little space to enjoy the peace, a couple of stools that you can stack at the corner will work just fine.

Even when you have a large deck area, do not overcrowd it with furniture. A bench that can seat a few or stacked chairs should be enough for when you have friends over. Alternatively, just scatter floor cushions. The cushions can also be used to provide a welcome colorful contrast with wooden deck flooring.


This can be pretty important if you are planning to entertain here. The right lighting can also set the mood. You should obviously have enough lighting to illuminate the area. But adding mood lighting can be the perfect touch when entertaining. String fair lights where you can. Hanging lanterns can be a lovely touch. If the deck has an attached garden, you may want to provide some lighting there as well.

Extra accents

It is the extras that usually define a space. You can add interesting sculptures to the garden or anything that appeals to you — ceramic pots or even a fountain in the garden! If your view is not so great, think of a wooden pagoda. Install a screen on the outer border and plant a trellis.

Find a shade

A deck is usually open to the elements. So, you may want to install a shade, at least over the seating area. You can have a retractable shade. You can also create a pagoda with your wooden deck flooring. The shade will be handy on sunny days and protect the furniture when it rains.

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