Tips to Safely Sell Used Apple iPhones

When a new iPhone model is released, the world seems to be infatuated with the idea of having the most up to date and modern phone available as soon as possible. This is what is currently happening with the iPhone 11, and it has happened with past generations of the iPhone, like the X and 7. Once a new one is available, it feels like the old one is already obsolete, even if it can work really well for years after new generations are released.

Still, if you are someone who wants the newest and best thing on the market, you want to get it fast and you have to do some planning. What do you do with your old phone? How can you get the funds needed to buy the new model? The easiest way is to Sell Used Apple iPhones to get some extra money toward your new phone.

Selling your old iPhone will first and foremost get it out of your home as you prepare to move onto a new one. It will also help you get some money back to help you pay for the newest iPhone.

Before you sell used Apple iPhones, there are some things you should do to ensure your safety. Today, we will provide some tips on how you can safely complete a sale.

Back-Up Your Phone – If you have ever completed a trade-in for a new phone before, you know that you have to wipe the old phone clean before the trade is completed. If you back up your information to iCloud — things like your contacts, photos and Apple account — this is really a stress-free process. Take this step and make sure your phone is backed up before a sale so you don’t lose your mind over items that do not make it to the cloud and onto your new phone.

Turn Off Find My Phone – When you get a new phone, you are usually prompted to turn on the Find My iPhone feature. Before you complete a sale, go into your settings and turn off the Find My iPhone. Most companies require you to do this before you sell used Apple iPhones for your safety.

Sign Out – Before you sell your iPhone, make sure you have signed out of some important features that you don’t want to be left active for the seller. iMessage can retain some personal information you may have shared through messages and can be turned off in settings. You should also sign out of iCloud after you have completed any backups to make sure no one has access to your files.

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