Tools You Shouldn’t Left Behind at the Concrete Construction Site

Once concrete cement mix is ready to pour, you need to be prepared to move quickly. It is not recommended by NDT testing equipment suppliers to get to the job site and find that you forget some tools to bring. Here they bring a list of tools that you might require at the concrete construction site for the project start to finish-

1. Mixers

Naturally you need them! Regardless the type of mixer you are applying, you need to ensure that concrete is thoroughly mixed for maximum durability and strength.

2. Wheelbarrows

This tool is suitable for conveying or even mixing small concrete batches on the job site. Builders often use them at the construction site.

3. Gloves and boots

You should know that concrete is really a stiff stuff and wearing water proof gloves and boots can help in get through it and prevent your skin from concrete mix exposure. You can later wash your boots and gloves after the concrete is down. It is important to wear gloves because several concrete mixes have caustic admixtures that can cause severe burns if contacted with skin. Your gloves will save you from painful blisters if you wear them.

4. Safety glasses

Your hands and feet are protected with the boots and gloves, but what about your delicate eyes? It’s crucial to wear safety glasses when drilling, grinding, sawing concrete or power trowelling.

5. Levels

Both the slab surface and sub base must be level. A standard laser level, or a long-line level, will allow you to check that the slab is made as per the specifications before pouring and after.

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6. Tape measures

Slab depth and concrete forms need the same “measure twice, pour once” assurance. You must use tape measures at the site. You can even use them for testing placement and mapping.

7. Moisture retarders

Vapor or moisture retarders are applied for preventing water vapor from collecting over a finished concrete slab. These are usually placed directly under on grade or below grade slabs.

8. Vibrators

Concrete vibrators are used for releasing trapped air pockets and excess water from the concrete mix to prevent compromising issues in medium to high slump concrete.

9. Polishers

Once the slab is dried completely, polishers should be applied to create a surface finish effect. You can have a gentle smooth surface to mirror-like shiny finish from polishers.

There are more tools that you must have on the site. NDT testing equipment suppliers can guide you through and explain the use of every tool. Contact them and avail more information.

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