The Top 5 Best Attorneys of All Time

Table of contents #1. Abraham Lincoln #2. Clarence Darrow #3. Dan Webb #4. Mary Jo White #5. Ted Wells Practicing law is perhaps one of the toughest professions there is. It takes years and years of studying, sheer dedication and willpower, not to mention it costs an arm and leg to become an attorney. While […]

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Practicing law is perhaps one of the toughest professions there is. It takes years and years of studying, sheer dedication and willpower, not to mention it costs an arm and leg to become an attorney. While attorneys all over are criticised for being sly and tricky and are the butt of several jokes, we cannot deny the fact that the world needs them. Be it overlooking a Will template or cracking a complex case, we need attorneys to get us out of tricky situations which have legal repercussions.

They help mould our laws and construct policies that allow us to live our lives peacefully. This is the reason why it comes as no surprise that the majority of US presidents have all been lawyers. Listed below is a compilation of the 5 greatest attorneys of all time.

#1. Abraham Lincoln

We all cherish the memories of Abe Lincoln as one of the most celebrated American President and possible vampire slayer. His repute and goodwill with his clients is what earned him the nickname “Honest Abe”. The first American President to hold a patent to his credit, he is perhaps the only attorney to be awarded a nickname that consists of the word “honest”. During his stint as an attorney, Lincoln was involved in several landmark cases. His most raving and famous case came in 1858 when he fought in defence of a man charged for murder. Lincoln was able to bash the testimony of an eye witness rendering it null and void by using a Farmer’s Almanac which resulted in the acquittal of his client.

#2. Clarence Darrow

The defence of convicted murderers Loeb and Leopold in 1924 was Clarence Darrow’s most high profile case. His closing extended up to a shocking 12 hours and they were effective as they spared the defendants from death sentence. He was the defending attorney in the renowned Scopes “Monkey” Trial where he proved his prowess as a master legal tactician. He was anointed as a “sophisticated country lawyer” and was rather popular for his witticism and charm. He had a reputation for taking on cases where he stuck up for the “little guy” and he was also a member of the American Civil Liberties Union. Darrow penned several books and he has been portrayed both on stage and on screen. Therefore, he is indeed one of the best attorneys of all time and for good reason.

#3. Dan Webb

Dan Webb is ranked as the top lawsuit expert by Guide – the World’s Leading Lawyers and he is regarded as the topmost white-collar criminal defence attorney by Corporate Crime Reporter. With such an impressive record, you certainly wouldn’t want to be up against Dan Webb in court. While the Iran-Contra trials were on, he brought to light the corrupt operations that were going on at all levels and this is regarded as one of his greatest achievements. Interrogating Ronald Reagan was also a part of the entire operation. He has quite successfully represented Microsoft, General Electric and Philip Morris. He has won accolades for his impressive ability to win over jurors with his amazing country charm, and we have no doubts at all that he has immense knowledge and wisdom to go along with the charm.

#4. Mary Jo White

A fearless attorney to the bone, Mary Jo White is someone who even the most powerful criminals do not wish to face. She is very well known for having overseen the successful trial of John Gotti along with the terrorists involved in the 1983 World Trade Centre bombing. At present, she serves as the Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mary Jo was appointed by Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate the very controversial pardon given by Marc Rich after President Bill Clinton’s last day pardons.

#5. Ted Wells

Ted Wells is known for his special ability to make complex and intricate issues to appear rather simple. He very fiercely defended his client CIA leaker Scooter Libby whose 30-month prison sentence was very controversially pardoned by George Bush in 2007. He is also known for defending some congressmen along with Exxon Mobile and Mike Milken. One of the highlights of his career was when he successfully defended Citigroup against fraud charges. Another notable case that he took on was when he represented the disgraced senator Eliot Spitzer.

The National Law Journal named him as the lawyer of the year in 2006. He was also hired by the NFL to look into the “Deflategate” scandal.

So, this sums up our list of the greatest attorneys that you’d wish to represent you if you were in a very difficult situation…

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