Top 5 Car Tyre Brands Burning The Road

Like forever, tyres have been vehicle’s most important safety features. After all, they’re the only contact source between the car and the road. Even with the strongest brakes, brawniest engine and state-of-the-art anti-skid system, your car’s always at the mercy of the road with driving mechanism and driver’s life matters a lot. To ensure a safe and smooth ride throughout, make sure you invest only in the best brands irrespective of car tyre price. Let’s find out which ones are top in the list!

#1. Bridgestone
Taking the lead as world’s top tyre manufacturer is Bridgestone that also owns the Firestone subsidiary along with many other economy brands. Although car tyre price is a little heavier on your pocket, Bridgestone tyres are known for their exceptional dry grip and are widely available wherever best brands are sold. The producer also manages regional and national retail chains alongside online retail service.

With this speciality, Bridgestone also caters to some excellent wet grip tyres designed especially for sports vehicles and rainy weather. Take example of Formula One racing cars featuring such wheels that holds firmly to the wet ground even at the speed of above 150 mph.

#2. Michelin
In terms of sales, Michelin enjoys being on the top as leading international tyre supplier and a perfect competitor to Bridgestone and Goodyear. Michelin tyres are also available worldwide just like Bridgestone with a heavy car tyre price tag but nothing as compared to the quality and driving experience.

The dry grip provides exceptional handling whereas Michelin also own brands such as Riken and BF Goodrich. The Pilot Sport tyres specifically are highly reviewed, providing superb wet and dry grip as commented by racers and drivers alike.


#3. Goodyear
Usually more expensive than Bridgestone and Michelin, “Goodyear” is world’s largest tyre makers and parent company of the well-known brand Dunlop along with various mid-economy range brands such as Fulda. Having a perfect balance on wet and dry grip, tourists and travellers are more inclined purchasing wheels from Goodyear. Overall tyre reviews for Goodyear are consistent especially with dry grip and less wear.

#4. Continental
Continental is a German brand having absolute reputation across the Europe for producing the best quality tyres under various car tyre brands such as Uniroyal, Viking and Barum. Tyres by Continental are expensive but not like other top brands. They also provide excellent wet and dry grip as well as have all it takes to compete equally with Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear.


#5. Pirelli
If you’re looking for all-purpose tyre range, the Italian manufacturer Pirelli falls in the list. The company is known among the top three European tyre makers whereas competes with both Continental and Michelin. It also own economy tyre brands such as Ceat and Courier whereas wheels boast a price much comparable to Bridgestone and Goodyear. Many prefer buying Pirelli despite the cost factor while the company also operates several regional and national chains, online retailers and tyre fixers.

Listed above are the best brands having worldwide reputation ensuring you a safe and smooth driving experience no matter what! Falken tyres price is incomparable to the quality offered by these brands.


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