Top 5 International Fish Dishes Recipes

International Fish Dishes Recipes

Searching for approaches to switch things around in the kitchen? Fish is a flexible ingredient utilized in a wide range of enticing recipes, a significant number of which you may have never heard about.

Not only are fish and seafood tasty, but also classic and versatile, consistently welcoming different studies that conclude that adding fish to a diet results in good health.

It has high nutritional value and has numerous health advantages. It decreases the risk of heart attack, obesity and also boosts brain health. However, eating the same dish is so boring. Therefore, we have selected five Fish Dishes Recipes that are delicious.

These five dishes all have worldwide roots. Loaded up with both fresh and natural flavors, they’re an ideal choice in case you’re hoping to try something different.

5 International Fish Dishes Recipes

Given below are some of the most famous international fish recipes. 

#1. Brazilian Fish Stew

A Brazilian fish stew is known as moqueca can be made with your choice of fish. It is made using Brazilian red palm oil, onion, carrots, red bell pepper, chili pepper, garlic cloves, coconut milk, jalapeno, chopped cilantro, tomatoes, lime, salt, and spices.

It can be served over rice and drizzle some olive oil on top of it with few cilantro leaves. It is a very easy and delicious recipe. 

#2. Furikake Salmon Bowls

Furikake Salmon Bowls is made quickly and is a meal option that is delicious and healthy.

The ingredients used to make this recipe is soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, olive oil, finely chopped sliced, cabbage, salmon, mushroom, chili flakes, pepper, salt, Japanese rice, or black rice, and avocado.

You can also add other vegetables that are roasted or steamed that you like. This tastes best when served hot. 

#3. Simple Ceviche

Ceviche is a raw fish marinated or cooked in lime juice with tomatoes, cilantro, and salt. Seviche hails from South America, and it is popular all over the world with different variants.

The two common ingredients are fish and lemon juice. You can any type of fish to make a ceviche. It can be served with different things such as ceviche tacos, ceviche lettuce cups, mini ceviche tostadas, coconut, appetizer cup, etc. 

#4. Moroccan Salmon

Moroccan Salmon is originated in Morocco, and this is a very simple yet delightful fish dishes recipe. It is made with salmon, cumin, smoked paprika, cinnamon, salt, sugar, and pepper.

It is served with Moroccan Salad, Grain-free Moroccan Cauliflower, Couscous, and Morrocan Eggplant. 

#5. Mexican Aguachille

The ingredients required for this recipe are salt, lime, shrimp, sliced red onion, vinegar, lime juice, garlic clove, jalapenos, serrano chili, cucumber, radish, olive oil, cilantro leaves, tortilla chips, and mini tostadas. It works as a delicious and flavourful appetizer. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found this article useful. These dishes are delicious, tasty, healthy, and very easy to make. It would be best if you tried these fish dishes recipes that are famous all over the world.

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