Top 5 Places In Warwickshire That You Must Visit

Warwickshire is a rural county in the West Midlands and it skirts around the metropolitan areas of Coventry and Birmingham to form a rather big hook of a sparsely populated countryside. This place is graced with the presence of medieval towns and castles with spectacular country estates. Warwickshire gave us history’s most renowned wordsmith and playwright, William Shakespeare and his birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon is a highly popular tourist spot.

And if you really are the type of tourist who wants to see it all, then you should certainly stay back for a few more days until you’ve seen everything there is to see – right from the majestic manor houses to the delightful towns. Believe us; it will surely take a while! So, let’s get going and explore the top 5 places that you should visit in Warwickshire.

5 Best Places In Warwickshire

William Shakespeare is still the most influential personality in Stratford irrespective of the fact that it has been four centuries since his death. Many of the houses still look almost exactly the same from the time when he was growing up in this town. You can start off by paying your respects at Shakespeare’s birthplace and drop by the home of his wife Anne Hathaway; both structures are timber-framed and have worn out over the years.

If this isn’t enough, you can even visit the home of Shakespeare’s mother known as Mary Arden’s farm and Hall’s Croft where his daughter Susanna stayed. What makes Stratford one of England’s artistic Meccas is the presence of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It is ‘the destination’ to watch all the first-rate productions of Shakespeare’s many, many works.

Just like Stratford, Warwick is also a county town in England that should definitely be on your list. A major reason for this is perhaps the Warwick Castle which is a structure that is as overwhelming as it is complete. This stately home which was previously a fortress is the last word in the military architecture of the 14th century. The structure thrives on the romantic prodigies that are told and retold inside of it. It’s a jolly little town submerged in history and is downright delightful to explore because of its easy-to-browse shops.

Once you get your fill of this spectacular castle, go see the Lord Leycester Hospital and the Collegiate Church of St Mary where the Earls of Warwick are laid to rest. Don’t forget to see the splendid Mill Garden which have resemblance to the pre-Raphaelite painting.

Leamington Spa
The acclaimed springs at Leamington Spa were originally controlled by the Romans but they remained concealed to all till 1784 when they were rediscovered. In all the years that followed, Leamington Spa came from being almost nothing and became England’s most esteemed hydrotherapy resorts. The sudden popularity and attention that was bestowed upon the town graced it with the most charming Regency architecture that one could only hope to see.

The Royal Pump Rooms have restored the baths and will provide delightful insights about the spa in its glory days.

There aren’t many towns that can boast about being the birthplace of a sport, but Rugby has that privilege. In 1823 William Webb Ellis picked up the ball while playing a football match at the Rugby School and tailored a style of play that later came to be known as Rugby. That’s how the story goes! If you’re into the sport there are few places that you have to tick off your list which includes the museum at the celebrated Rugby School and the Web Ellis Rugby Football Museum. This is situated in the shop where James Gilbert, the renowned boot maker stitched the first rugby balls ever in 1842.

This workaday town with the biggest shopping zones in the centre has the county’s largest settlement. If you’re someone who is enthralled with literature, you will be happy to know that Nuneaton was the hometown of the Victorian writer George Eliot and her work was heavily inspired from the local estates and towns of Nuneaton. On certain set weekends of the year, Arbury Hall which is her place of birth welcomes visitors to take them through the house and grounds, but in case you miss out on this, there is the Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery that you can see.

The entire gallery here is dedicated to Eliot’s relationship to the beautiful town of Nuneaton. One can not only see but also feel the vibe that is thick in the air around here.

You can come here with family and friends and get rejuvenated with the culture that makes the shire of Warwick what it is! It also great for team building purposes as nothing is more appealing than drinking in the beauty of this elegant county that will bring you peace and joy in abundance!

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