Top Advantages And Disadvantages of Wider Wheels

It takes just seconds to like someone or something. Yes, just like that we fall for someone. Have you ever noticed yourself staring in amazement at the wheels of some sports car? What is it so mesmerising about it that you gaze for long? It might be its size or the shape and colour of the alloy used in the wheels.

It is said it takes seconds to fall in love with someone, but it takes years to know what really is. We want to make the latter part quicker for you. You don’t have to take years to analyse wider wheels after you have fallen for them.

Allow us to offer you some of the pros and cons attached to bigger wheels to make your decision of proposing to them easier:


  1. Improvement in overall gripping: the more the rubber will be in contact with the road, the better the tyres will grip the road. With bigger wheels, there is a significant increase in the contact area of tyres with the way. This increased surface provide better traction on the snow and wet road conditions. Wider wheels also offer better handling and cornering abilities to a car. If you consider safety in enhanced traction then wider rimmed wheels are the best option for you.
  2. enhance braking: As more and more rubber comes in contact, the tyres offer higher friction on the application of brakes. The resistance imparted by the tyres helps the vehicle with reduced stopping distances.
  3. One-up looks: The most common reason why people like to install wider wheels to their cars is to get a one-up in style over other vehicles. The wheels provide your car with the much desired low profile and hence is admired by all.


Reduced fuel economy: With the increase in contact with the road, more fuel is being burnt in the engine to overcome the overall increment in the rolling resistance of your car. Therefore if you don’t want to spend more on the fuel, make sure you don’t buy them.

Considerable tyre wears: We all know the more the friction is, the more will be the wearing of tyres because of the heat build-up in the Tyres Bassaleg. While using wider wheels, you might find yourself in fix of buying new tyres for your cars before standard time.

Acceleration problems: Wider wheels must offer high rolling resistance. The engine of your car feels this resistance. It will make life your engine challenging to provide the required acceleration at certain RPM.

Keeping the pros and cons in mind, it is unanimously the decision of a driver to install them in their car or not.

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