Top Cars to Own this 2017

Owning a car is something everyone strives to achieve in their lifetime. In the Philippines, Toyota and other car brands offer people a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for them; and since it’s 2017 now, there are definitely some topnotch cars out there for anyone to choose from.


Modern cars come equipped with numerous upgrades and other forms of advancement, which all the more makes the cars on this list the best cars to own for this year. With that said, here are some of the best cars for you to call your own this 2017:


  1. Honda CR-V

If you’re looking for the best compact SUV there is, then this car is definitely for you! What’s great about this car is that it provides more than adequate space for you and your passengers, making a comfort a big edge in this game! Plus, with 190hp worth of power, your driving will know no bounds!


  1. Toyota Yaris Ia

When it comes to sedans, or any other car that fits just right in terms of space, then Toyota Philippines’ own variant of that will surely fit right into your standards. The Toyota Yaris Ia is one of those cars that has received a lot of upgrades over the years, especially in terms of comfort and entertainment. Not only does it boast cozy space conditions for you and your passengers to relax in, but this car’s on-board computer can definitely do a lot to keep you occupied on the road, especially with features like touchscreen technologies, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and others of the sort.


  1. Chevrolet Colorado

For those who are looking for massive amounts of space, as well as weight to help you carry the heavy loads, then this car is definitely for you. The Chevrolet Colorado is a car unlike any other. Its size can certainly seem suitable in numerous aspects, whether it be carrying some cargo or driving down the street for more leisurely purposes.


Since 2017 rolled around, it’s no surprise that this car has received its fair share of upgrades. With a truck bed that can carry tons of weight, wheels that can conquer any terrain, and interior aspects that can ensure comfort, this car can definitely deliver in all sorts of things. Plus, it’s got great strength for towing and great fuel economy, which can help you go the extra mile.


  1. Toyota Prius

Toyota Philippines has done it again with this entry in this list. The Prius is one of the best hybrids to own this 2017, especially with the aesthetics being a star factor in audience enticement. Visuals aside, this car can provide you with a lot of space, great fuel economy, and stellar performances with its engine. Also, it’s got great security capabilities such as smart card entry, anti-theft systems, central locking, security alarms, and an engine immobilizer.


  1. Kia Sorento

If you’re looking for the car that can take in as many passengers as it can, then the Kia Sorento is definitely for you! 3-row SUVs are the kinds of cars that can accommodate a lot of passengers in its stead; and with 2017, more and more people are going on the road for various adventures. With that said, this car can guarantee massive amounts of engagement with the outdoors.


Key Takeaway

These cars are definitely some of the best and brightest ones for you to own this 2017. Take your pick and get driving!

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