Top Hackers of All Time

There was a time when every human being maintained their own line of privacy. Not any more. The day social media platforms were introduced and became popular, the first line of privacy was broken. And on the internet, it is easy to break into the personal zone of any individual.

In the web, if your confidential information is stored, then it can fall into the wrong hands. We mean, the hackers, cybercriminals or crackers. With a few smart moves, and tricks they can gain access to get information. To steal money, they can also break into your system. In this article, let us look into the top hackers of all time.

Top Hackers of All Time

What is Hacking?

It is the process in which a third person gains unlawful access to the privacy or confidential information of another person. And to keep the information of clients secure, online security software bleeds companies by millions of dollars. And in recent times, anyone can become a hacker. They can find every information online, and learn on their own. Once equipped, if they find a vulnerable spot in your computer or OS, then they can hack your computer or laptop. Enough of information. Now let us check on the small biographies of famous cyber hackers of all time.

  1. Top Hacker – Gary McKinnon

As a child, this guy may have been a restless person, in the quest for more knowledge. Maybe, he was interested in gaining knowledge of UFOs. So, he hacked NASA as well as the military computers. He deleted a few files, but the idea to shame the security forces website was the last straw. But yes, his hacking made the 2000 computers of NASA shut down for nearly a day.

  1. Top Hackers of all time – LuizSec

The name is of a Black Hat criminal activity group. They first gained prominence after hacking to various corporation websites such as Sony and even the law enforcement agencies such as Scotland Yard. The best joke was them putting a false report for Obituary of Rupert Murdoch on News Corporation. Of late, security experts claim that this group hacks into various websites just for creating awareness about the specific lack of security.

  1. Hacker – Adrian Lamo

It was in the year 2001 when Adrian Lamo first gained popularity. He hacked into a Yahoo account to modify an existing article. The addiction continued and he entered many websites such as Microsoft, Google, and even The New York Times. Yes, he was arrested, but then it also fetched him the job of a Threat Analyst.

His motive was different. He will hack into systems, make corrections and then notify the concerned authorities. And the most curious one, he will do this while sitting at internet cafes, libraries, and cafeterias. It was because of Adrian Lamo that Bradley Manning got arrested.

Armed with just a backpack and no address, he was known as The Homeless Packer. But it was in 2010, he learned of suffering from Asperger’s Disorder.

  1. Top Hackers – Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

Noone can really specify if Richard Pryce, as well as Mathew Bevan, really wanted a Third World War. They were among the first hackers to prove that even Military systems are vulnerable. The duo broke into Defense Information System Agency of the US as well as Korean Atomic Research Institute. They dumped less volatile content of Korea to the US military system. Thank God, the issue was sorted out, or else imagine the disastrous consequences.

  1. Jonathan James

How would you describe a teenager who had the skills to hack to a Defense Agency of the US? Super Intelligent. Unfortunately, this person was put in prison at the tender age of 16. Crime – hacking. And if you are searching for Jonathan Jones, seldom will you get information. Search with the word c0mrade, and you will get articles by the dozen.

This teenager stole the passwords, by installing spyware in the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. His exploits caused NASA to shut down its services and operations for some time. But the story has a sad ending as the c0mrade opted for suicide in 2008 and succeeded.

  1. Kevin Poulsen

Yes, you should dream. But to achieve the goal, there are two ways – legal and illegal. Kevin Poulsen opted for the second method. His nickname was Dark Dante.

The FBI started tailing him after he committed a series of offenses ranging from money laundering, wire, computer fraud and many more. But his story had a happy ending. He got the post of Senior Editor at the Magazine Wired.

  1. Kevin Mitnick

How do you visualize the villains? There are many options. You can view them as a creature alien from MIB movie. Or the robot from Terminator series. But seldom do movies and the public visualizes the villain or conman as a person who can dress in an Armani suit. But Kevin Mitnick was a person who dressed well and made his victims believe of his genuine manners.

But in a short while, Kevin Mitnick became the most wanted criminal when it came to cybercrime. He was finally caught and put in prison for five years. He had hacked into Pentagon, Motorola as well as Nokia company. He was convicted of computer and wire fraud. Now, he has changed his role to that of a security engineer.

  1. Anonymous

The name does not belong to a single individual but to a group. They wear Guy Fawkes Masks and are known as Anons. The other name, which they prefer is digital Robin Hood.

Their importance can be stemmed from the fact they have hacked every type of system ranging from religious (Vatican), business (Sony), Defense (FBI), credit card institution (MasterCard) and Government Organizations (Tunisian, Ugandan and Israeli).

  1. Astra

When translated in Sanskrit, the meaning comes to a weapon. The real identity of the hacker has not been traced. The only info so far received is that he is a Greek mathematician. But the information he stole from the Dassault Group of France was sold all around the world. The loss to the company was 360 million US dollars.

  1. Albert Gonzalez

Have you heard about phishing? If not, then please search the internet and become aware. Albert Gonzalez stole from various netizens for two years their money and confidential information. He also resold credit cards. At last, he was caught and sentenced to prison. The other name this hacker was soup nazi.

To lessen the sentence, he started working with law enforcement authorities and had many criminal hackers arrested.

  1. Jeanson James Ancheta

Is it true that curiosity can get the better of the human brain? Curiosity can kill logical thinking, not understood. Okay, let us focus on Jeanson James Ancheta case. This guy was interested just in the use of bots and by his skills, nearly four lakh computers were hacked.

His name is featured in the golden pages of history as he became the first hacker to go to jail because of the use of botnet technology.

  1. Michael Calce

It was the time of Y2K. But another danger was lurking in the shadows and its name was Mafiaboy. Original Name – Michael Calce.

He for some time disrupted the search engine which was very popular in 2000. Yahoo. His hacking proved that not even a billion dollar investment search engine could be safe from hacking. So, if there are any cybercrime legislation passed in every country, the credit goes to Michael Calce.


Please note, every hacker mentioned in this article is not evil-minded. Some were curious to gain knowledge, while few saw hacking as just an adventure thrill. Yes, the loss they caused was huge. No doubt regarding this issue.

Present Times

The entire globe has gone digital. And mobiles and computers, laptops have become popular as a one-stop tool for completing your daily activities. So, armed with the internet, you can order food to come to your home, transfer cash to other accounts and all. But how will you know that the laptop or mobile is not compromised? And does not have spyware. It is vital to have the best security software such as QuickHeal or Kaspersky installed in the computer/laptop.

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