Trees, Flowers, Plants: 3 Gardens You Must Visit in Rotterdam!

There’s something about flowers that make them simply irresistible and alluring! Just by the sight of them, you know that flowers do make the Earth a more colorful place to live in. They add a splash of bliss through colors in black and white setting, in a dry and dark land. Nothing does it like flowers do, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands are just proud to take care and exhibit their own flower gardens for the world to see!

If you are traveling to Rotterdam, you must know that one of the spots to drop by is a botanical garden or simply a flower garden. It’s actually a nice place to relax, but there’s a lot more to do and experience in Rotterdam’s floral scenes! 

Below are 3 flower gardens in Rotterdam which you should definitely pay a visit!

Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk

Wikimedia – Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk

If you are a tourist, you will definitely go “what?!” at the sight of this garden’s name. The Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk is located in Afrikaanderplein and is existent since 1923. It’s amazing to think how this beautiful place still continues to mesmerize and has even become enhanced and appreciated. Of course, it has been rehabilitated for a time, so it can be preserved better in the coming years.

An oasis in South Rotterdam, Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk is a very beautiful place to enjoy with your family, with your significant other or even with yourself alone. 

Without a doubt, this garden is a precious gem in Rotterdam, and many travelers aim to spend time here in their trip to the Netherlands. You will encounter diverse plant families. Some plants just found somewhere were also taken care of and nourished. Stunningly, the number of plants in this botanical garden goes beyond 800! The trees are around 40 kinds. For this reason, this botanical garden is a one-of-a-kind spot in Rotterdam.

Source – TripAdvisor

It is heartwarming to find out that the aim of this garden is to share knowledge and learning about plants and trees. With that advocacy, Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk organizes and conducts herbal workshops and classes that focus on plant care and environmental matters. 

Guided tours are also provided by the garden, so that visitors will not just see but understand the world of plants and their impact to the world. Following a map, you can view and even touch all plants. What’s exciting, you may taste most plants as tea or an infusion to other drinks or food. 

Furthermore, Botanische Tuin Afrikaanderwijk is maintained by volunteers; that makes the place even closer to the heart of the people. Humans with real love for nature and the environment are the most concerned about these creation’s health, with or without anyone watching them. 

Rotterdamse Munt

Source – Pinterest – Rotterdamse Munt

A garden wherein you’ll never go home hungry and dissatisfied, Rotterdamse Munt is considered a little paradise in the middle of a busy city. When you’re in Rotterdamse Munt, you’re outside, but it feels like a different world where tranquility and abundance are main.

Found in Rosestraat, Rotterdamse Munt is a garden that highly values scents and tastes not just in planted plants but even until they reach your plate, and make your dining table a whole feast! They give high regard to hospitality and diversity. 

If you will travel to Rotterdamse Munt, it would be good if you come there when events are to be held. There are workshops certainly opened for all ages. Be inspired because you will be taught to do the right ways in planting and taking care of the environment. At the same time, you will learn how you can benefit from those.

Source – Lekker Tafelen

It will be a memorable experience to note. You yourself will pick them and take home, or instantly have the harvested products be made into a hearty juice! That’s just one unique way to take a remembrance from Rotterdam. 

What’s more, freshness always comes first over everything. Picked from the garden, prepared with love, placed on your plate with a sprinkle of home! Be it edible flowers and herbs, you’ll both feel healthy and be healthy. It’s nature in the city, and there’s nothing like it.

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum

Source – Flickr – Marc de Ruijter

Opened to the public in 1958, Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum stands on historic ground. It is a must-visit in Rotterdam. You have to know that it exists! You definitely have to!

Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is the green pearl in the city of Rotterdam; it is the green oasis. Surprisingly, there are around 4,000 distinct types of shrubs, trees and other plants. There are huge collections of cacti, hostas and other plants. With its 20-acre field, collection of wood and herbaceous plants live. Truthfully, summer is the time when temporary exhibits happen.

It is indeed a refreshing place to be in. If you’re exhausted from strolling around the city, looking for tourist spots, restaurants, amusement parks and accommodation in Rotterdam, stop by Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum! You’ll be relieved, rested and refreshed.


Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum is primarily a tree garden, but its pretty flowers and plants make it a complete sanctuary of nature. Don’t be afraid to explore. Let nature’s grace leave you astounded. Each new season spectacularly pour out a different kind of charm!. 

Don’t leave the place without taking pictures on the bridges in Trompenburg. Your best photos yet will be because of the vibrant green background called nature! Not just that, at the back of the garden, you will be welcomed by a dazzling waterfall. Sit on a comfortable spot. There are streams and ponds too. Take photos, and take a rest! After walking around the garden, you should take a break and be eased off just by looking at the tranquil waters. Just by the sound of the falling waters, you will feel a kind of healing within.


Trees, Flowers, Plants

Rotterdam is a place with so much hidden gems. One of those can be unveiled through plant and flower gardens. Traveling to the Netherlands, why not check them out and have a restful, peaceful and calming time!



 Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam, an excellent alternative to a conventional hotel offering extensive serviced apartments for both locals and travelers. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, she finished her studies as a Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines.

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