Common Types of Leukemia Treatment & Cost in India

In your immature cells of your bone marrow, leukemia is a disease that tends to arise. The bone marrow is responsible to carry all type of red blood cells along with oxygen to other parts of the body. In case of white blood cells it works out to be a situation where you are more into fighting of infections. Millions of red blood cells do tend to take place in the bone marrow with a fresh supply of cells to the body.

There tends to arise a situation where the body has less supply of red blood cells which does lessen chances of red blood cells to the body. So if you affected by this disease it does go on to increase the chances of infection as well. In order to diagnose the disease, the doctor might take out cells from the body.

This includes the blood and particularly the bone marrow. An initial round of blood test will be done and here the count of white blood cells does come into account. At that point of time you may need to undertake a biopsy as well. Here you can find the specific type of the disease as well. At this point of time the doctor goes on to remove a specific portion of the bone marrow. For any type of chormosal abnormalities the cells are also send out for testing as well.

The cost of leukaemia treatment in India depends on the type of treatment you are availing in the first place. Let us now explore some of the common types of treatment.

Biological therapy

Here you work on the substances that go on to have an impact on the immune system of a person. There is a drug known as Interferon, which is a drug used for biological therapy. Here you go on to use the immune system of the body so as to fight cancer. Here a host of antibodies are used to destroy the cancer cells.

This is a treatment which you can expect in cycles. There is a definite recovery period which is followed by another cycle. With the help of this treatment this prevents the cancer cells from growing or developing at the same time. what happens is that some healthy cells are destroyed during this  process as well. in the case of normal cells they are able to repair themselves once the treatment is over as well. For this disease you go to use different types of drugs as well.

Radiation therapy
Sometimes you go on to treat this blood disease in the central nervous system or you can saw the testicles as well. This does arise due to the destruction of the bone marrow as well. You need to be aware that radiation is not the prime source of treatment for this disease. If high doses of this treatment are provided it does prevent the cancer cells for multiplying at a fast pace. So this form of treatment rakes in to be the best.

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