Types of Office Outside Commercial Lights

Though people have become very conscious about the look of a space but still there are many official spaces where lighting is not done properly. When in an office, the workers need proper lights to do their job; otherwise there will be strain on their eyes and it will be difficult for them to work.

So for commercial lighting supply, one needs to trust some reputed suppliers who can provide proper lights to adorn an official area. There are mainly four kinds of lightings that can be used in a work place.

Ambient Light
It is a general kind of lighting and it works really well when it is installed on a ceiling and when fluorescent tubes are used. But these lights should not reach directly to the eyes as it can affect them while you work. These lights should not bounce and it also should not have low luminance because this can cause gloomy effect.

Task Lighting
It is used for individual purposes and that is why; they are best for workstations. But if you use both ambient lighting and task lighting in your office it should be used in the right combination. The low power ambient lights can be matched with a proper task light to get a better effect. Task lighting if used properly in a workstation can reduce strain and stress of the workers.

Accent and Directional lighting
These lights are mainly used to highlight the objects. It should not be mixed with the task lighting as the functions of both the light are very different.

Natural light
This is very important in every place be it a residence or an office. The natural source of lights should be available from windows and doors. But it is not always possible to work in natural light ambience. This is because; the natural lights can conflict with the computer lights and produce a glare.

While lighting up the office area one should keep in mind the contrast and the brightness. The light of a room and of a particular area should not be different. The amount of light that is falling on an individual’s workstation should not be too much in case of general lighting. This can create a bad effect. One should understand that what is the exact amount of light that one needs to work in a workstation. One needs to provide only that amount of light there.

Glares can happen if there are too many sources of lights. It can also happen if large amount of lights are falling on someone’s eyes. That is why; bare light bulbs are not perfect for any work places. If there is too much glare then one can also use anti glare filter. Neutral density filter can also work in these cases.

Coloured lights add a complete different mood. It can also create a warm atmosphere in the working space. But one has to choose the right colours for that.

Commercial recessed lighting can also be done in the work spaces.

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