Understanding the different reasons to use a Self Storage facility

There can be many different reasons to use a Self Storage facility. The idea of doing so can often be a daunting one. Some people don’t even know they need storage until they see the solution in front of them. We put together this list of our top reasons to use a self storage facility to help potential customers identify ways they could create more space or enhance their lives with a self storage facility.

1) Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage is one of the top reasons people choose to use a self Storage Manchester. The seasons change and with that change comes different items that get dragged out of your loft or your garden shed. Many people use a self storage facility to store those bulky Christmas decorations during the summer months or to store large items of garden furniture during the winter.

2) Student Storage

Self storage for students can be one of the most freeing services they may choose to use over the summer months. Many international students use self storage over the summer months to allow them to go back home. Similarly, many domestic students also use self storage to free them up to go on holiday or travelling.

3) Business Storage

A self storage facility could be a great new home for your business. Storage facilities provide large space at a low cost and in a secure environment. This makes them an ideal location to store any excess stock you might have. You could even run your business directly out of a storage unit in some cases. In addition to this, some storage facilities even offer office space so you could move your whole business into a cheap and affordable location.

4) Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful time for even the most steady of people. The added stress of trying to move all your things from one house to another and aligning the times and dates to make sure you are going to be able to put all your things into your new house can be an incredibly stressful one. A self storage facility helps reduce this stress, you can move out of one house, place your things in a storage facility and then simply move house at your own leisure, safe in the knowledge that your things will be there for you when you need them.

5) Sports

Sporting equipment can get out of hand, many sports such as golf, lacrosse or outdoor adventure-based sports often come with a lot of equipment. Often storing this equipment when it’s not in use can be difficult. A self-storage facility can help you store this equipment away from your home but at a location that you have constant access too for when you need it.

6) Clearing out your garage/loft

Everyone has one, one area of the house which all your clutter gets dumped. With most people, this area tends to be either a garage or a loft. These spaces could be used for so much more. Using a storage facility will help you empty out these spaces whilst holding on to anything valuable you might have stored there freeing huge amounts of space in your house for other things.

7) Archive and document storage

In a world full of data and virtual storage, traditional documents and archives may seem dated. That being said many individuals and companies still have a huge number of paper documents and archives. If you find the right self storage facility they will help you store these documents in a safe, dry and secure environment.

8) Safe and secure

Security is a big reason people choose to store at a self storage facility. There may be cheaper options out there for you to store your belongings but a self storage facility gives you the added security of state of the art CCTV systems, advanced locking solutions and constant alarm monitoring.

9) Reliable

Storage is what self storage companies do, for that reason they are incredibly reliable as a source of storage. Most are open 7 days a week and will allow you constant access to your belongings whenever you need them.

10) Sentimental belongings

Belongings that mean something to you are an important part of all of our lives. Sometimes these things can be large and take up a lot of space. You don’t need to make the decision to get rid of them. Simply put your belongings into a self storage facility, free up that space in your house and rest easy in the knowledge that your sentimental items are safe and secure.

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