Unique, Handmade Gifts to Last A Lifetime

When you give a gift, you’re not really just giving some object to another person. You’re giving a thought, a consideration, a memento that will hopefully not be just used but cherished and remembered. A gift should increase in sentimental value over time and is a representation of your appreciation, your love, for those you care about. It’s for or these reasons and many more that people look to add a little touch of personalization and customization to the gifts they give. The thing is, among the many personalized gifts out there, so many of them are just cheaply mass-manufactured trinkets that have been stamped or printed with a limited subset of letters or phrases as an afterthought, and that’s not where the spirit of personalization lies. The first half of personalization comes with the thoughtfulness that spurned the gift given, and the second half comes with the care given to its creation by the makers. As far as consideration can be taken for the quality and appeal of the process of creating a good, Wendell August Forge has set the bar, and very high at that. When you’re looking for a personalized gift, there’s no equal to Wendell August’s standards.

It all starts with the quality of the materials that go into the gifts that come from Wendell August Forge. Whether we’re talking about metal, glass or otherwise, the finished work from America’s oldest and largest forge is made from the cream of the crop of materials, to begin with. From there, regardless of the piece in question, each gift is meticulously and laboriously crafted by hand, the old fashioned way, through each and every step of the process. As their gifts are entirely handmade and subject to the scrutiny of the craftsman during the entire process, quality control is an ongoing work. That is, the smiths behind the products are able to ensure the best quality finished products leaving their hands as they are responsible for every facet of their creation. Wendell August Forge offers some of the most original artifacts available, and whether it’s a clock, place settings, or even an ornament that your heart is set on, when it comes from Wendell August Forge, it will be the result of the utmost in care, precision, and devotion to perfect. And since everything at Wendell August Forge is made entirely by hand, even those goods that aren’t specifically personalized are, by nature, entirely one of a kind and unique, bearing the individual and telltale marks of their makers.

Looking for a heartfelt gift that is unique and made by hand is a trying ordeal, but being rest assured of the peerless quality of the goods from Wendell August, what better way is there to celebrate a loved one’s soulful dedication to their team? As we are all well aware, the die-hard fans we know hold special places in their hearts for their teams, and that’s why among the wares at Wendell August Forge are those dedicated to NFL and other sports fans. NFL branded merchandise is aplenty, but with Wendell August you can find handmade NFL Christmas Tree Toppers unlike any other – handmade and entirely unique. Of course, alongside NFL Christmas tree toppers you’ll also find beauties like coasters, bookmarks, luggage tags, and even ice buckets adorned with your team’s logo. There are few ways to tickle the fancy of a football lover than with a tasteful team gift, and even fewer to match that quality found at Wendell August Forge. Come see what’s in store for you and the football lovers in your life at WendellAugust.com.

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