Top 6 Unknown Facts About Sheep

Sheep are fluffy woolly animals that are very docile. Sheep rearing is done mostly for the wool that can be obtained from its coat and also for its meat. But there’s more to a sheep than just this and in this piece, we will discuss the top 6 facts that we bet you didn’t know about them!

They have unstoppable wool growth. When we think of a sheep, the first thing that comes in our mind is that it is a great source of wool because of its soft and strong fleece.

But do you know that its hair grows on forever and if we don’t clip a sheep regularly then its soft fleecy wool can engulf its entire body making it a big round pile of fleece? Can you imagine a sheep fully covered up by its hair and looking like a big bundle of wool in shape of an animal?

According to an estimate, a domestic sheep can easily produce up to 30 pounds of wool in a year and one pound of wool is enough to make 10 miles of yarn. Now you can imagine the quantity of wool that can be produced using the fleece of one sheep alone. Now calculate the wool by a herd of sheep in a year. The stats here are staggering?

If we do not shear a sheep for six months, we can enough wool to make suits for at least 20 men. Thanks to pet clippers sheep farming has become very easy.

Sharp vision
Do you know how far we can rotate our eyes to cover the maximum direction? Its 155 degrees. Now let’s compare it with the eyesight of a sheep and we’re telling you in advance that you will be surprised! A sheep has very strong and impressive eyesight which is between 270 degree and 360 degree. This means the animal can look around in almost every direction.

It is a great advantage to have a 360 degree peripheral vision especially because a sheep can fall prey to carnivorous animals. With such a sharp vision a sheep can run to safety in case it finds itself in a place where it is exposed.

It’s not just humans but sheeps tend to show homosexual tendencies. So when we say sheep is an animal that is both happy and gay, you’ll know what we meant! In every herd, almost 8 to 10 percent sheep are gay and prefer living with sheep of the same sex.

Sheep has a Philtrum like humans
Just as we human beings have a Philtrum on our upper lip which divides the left and right side of the lip, in the same way, sheeps also have a Philtrum that divides its upper lips equally.

This helps the sheep stoop to ground as low as possible, and also help it graze easily.

They can’t roll over
Have you ever seen a sheep rolling on its back and struggling to get up? At first you will feel that it’s playing around but the truth is, once on its back a sheep can’t roll over and get up. If a sheep is pregnant or is overweight, and is on its back then it can’t right itself without help.

So next time when you see a sheep fallen on its back, just help it to roll back over.

They are gregarious
A sheep that is away from its herd is always unhappy. They are social animal and love to live in a group. In a herd of sheep, most are female and one or two are males. Mostly they live with their maternal family and have a strong bond with each other. Staying in a group protects them from predators as they can easily fall prey to them if on their own.

Most herds have herding dogs or sheep dogs to protect and to guide them home safely while taking care that not one of them is left behind.

Sheep are not only beneficial for farming but make for very good pets as well and because of all their wonderful characteristics, you should get a herd for your farm.

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