Drab To Fab: Give Your Utility Room A Makeover With These Design Ideas

utility room ideas

A utility room is the most practical space to have at home. It is a well-equipped area full of washing essentials and other domestic needs. Sadly, the utility room is not treated as other rooms and is usually taken for granted.

You don’t have to make it like those most royal rooms in your home though, as a simple approach with quality features and good storage can easily give it a stylish look!

Here, we have explored and compiled some utility room designs for you, ranging from printed patterns to colour schemes and other components, to help give your room a fresh look. So, make your wash day a fun day and not a chore with these amazing design ideas.

Ceramic Butler Sink
If you are a huge fan of timeless home decors, then this is what you would want in your utility room. This style goes best with country-scullery and will contrast just fine with other designs as well. Set it up into a stocky wooden cabinet placed against a wall along with a tiled splash-back to increase the beauty of this design. However, if you already have a built-in island unit in the room, you can simply get a sink fitted in it.

To intensify the exquisiteness of this sink, you can set it up with vintage-style mixer taps and sleek decorated cabinets. This will not only increase the attractiveness of the room, but will also be practical for any cleaning task. The ceramic sink doesn’t wear fast and has enough space for you to perform any task.

Fresh Flowers
Flowers have a very different and beautiful language. They bring freshness and create a calm atmosphere. You can bring serenity inside your home by both cutting and arranging flowers or planting houseplants. Both will look terrific in any setting.

Place them in a dedicated place where you can show off your love for flowers and make them your perfect decoration statement. You can choose a mesh-fronted wall cabinet to place it on a wooden table or worktop. Use it as your flower essential storage cupboard where you can stock strings, scissors, glass stem vases and gloves.

Boot Room Storage
Who says that you can use your utility room for laundry purpose only? Set your space so that you can easily include storage units for boots and shoes. You can consider some wooden shelving painted in a subtle shade to match your cabinetry.

Another option is a wooden step or rustic metal rack to prop your footwear by the door. For adding a classic boot-room style, you can get stone flooring and a wooden splash-back unit installed. This will surely make your utility room more useful.

Extending Wall Rack
There are times when it rains heavily and you simply can’t hang your clothes outside. In situations like these, you can get a wall-mounted rack installed in your utility room. Well, without this addition your room would look incomplete. What can be a better way than to hang your clothes in the utility room itself if you can’t trust the weather?

Fit your wall rack near the washing machine and sink so that you can use it easily. If there is sufficient space left, then you can add some shelves or storage boxes above it to hang garments. An enamel wardrobe railing can also be a good addition. You can also install a towel radiator or towel rails to easily dry your clothes.

Cafe Curtain
Do you have the habit of storing products or appliances under a console table or a worktop? In these situations, the main problem you will face is “the guest might see them”. Well, it is no rocket science to hide them. In fact, you can simply do it by hanging a country-style cafe curtain.

While choosing a fabric make sure to consider fresh colours with striking patterns of strips and floral prints. By using a tension rod, hang the curtains on open shelving units hiding away all your clutter.

See, it is that simple to add a bit of jazz to your utility room! All you have to do is care for it a little more and consider it as a part of your home. Well, who knows, by incorporating few of these ideas you can make your chores all the more exciting!

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