Visa for Australia: Types and Qualification of Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

VISA for Australia

Australia is full of career opportunities but invariant lack proficient skilled workers. VISA for Australia for study, education and career purpose is very important. Let’s know how some agencies helps us to get VISA for Australia for our purpose.

So, a common pathway for overseas skilled workers to migrate to the country is to get sponsorship from their employer and a granted Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

The TSS visa is extremely helpful to employ qualified workers for the growing business needs in Australia.

VISA for Australia Benefits Provided by TSS

  • Work in Australia with a valid work visa and sponsorship from the concerned employer for the life of your visa (which could be up to 4 years or more)
  • Bring and stay with your family in Australia. Your family will have the permit to work or study while residing in the country
  • Travel as many times as you want during the valid duration of your visa
  • TSS visa comes for 2 to 4 years and can be renewable.
  • You can apply for a permanent resident visa after staying and working in Australia for 3 years (for specific occupation only)

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Skill Shortage VISA for Australia

  1. Must have an employer who is ready to sponsor you. However, once you get the sponsorship you can only for that employer.
  2. You must receive an offer of full-time employment from an employer. The position must be for a business established in Australia or a foreign investor planning to start or expand their business in Australia.
  3. The position in the offer must be approved and contained in the Occupation list.
  4. The applicant must possess the skill, education and work experience required for the position
  5. Must possess the desired level of English proficiency result unless exempt.
  6. Must be eligible to acquire a license or registration (if your occupation demands)
  7. Must be eligible enough to be paid the market rate salary for the hired position in the specific industry.
  8. If you wish to bring your family to stay with you in Australia, then they must meet the basic Australian health and character requirements.

Business Sponsor Requirement to Support the Subclass 482 TSS Visa:

  • The employer has to show that the business is a lawfully operated firm
  • There is no adverse information available about the relevant firm
  • If the business is based in Australia, then the employers need to fulfil the training requirements. That is:
  1. Showcase the commitment to employing local labour
  2. Must not ben engaged in discriminating during any recruitment practices

Frequent Issues that Defer or Cancel the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa application

  • Evidence that the employer complies with the training requirements precisely
  • Proving that the offered position is Genuine
  • Documental evidence that the sponsored applicant is appropriately skilled and qualified for the offered job and position.

 Documents Required for the TSS VISA for Australia application

  • English Language competency test result
  • Skill Assessment test result
  • Identity proof (valid passport and other associated documents to proof any change of name previously)
  • Educational qualification certificate
  • Health Insurance certificate
  • Character certificate from the police officers from every country you have spent more than a year or more
  • Identity documents of partner or anyone dependent on you.
  • Work Experience documents

TSS visa is a brilliant opportunity for overseas talented individuals to chase their career dream and eventually grow in an Australian work ambience.

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