Ways to Turn Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light

Survivors of abuse are some of the strongest people in the world. It is no small feat to come out better after living through the nightmare of domestic abuse. Healing is a never ending process, but there are some ways to help make it a little easier.

Speak Out

No matter how long ago your experience was, it is always painful to talk about. However, talking about your issues is a way to help with depression or anxiety, and can be a valuable tool in the healing process.

Domestic violence speakers do talks all over the country. Empower yourself by finding one nearby and hearing what they have to say. Who knows, it might open more doors for you than hearing their stories. Maybe one day you can share yours too.

There are abuse counselors whose specialty is helping people just like you. Do a search to see which are nearby. If you don’t have insurance, check into your workplace’s employee assistance program. Often one to three counseling sessions are included free of charge.

Confide in someone you love and trust. Tell this person as much as you are comfortable sharing and be open and honest. Talking to someone else is beneficial to your mental health in a few ways.

Keep a Journal

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a writer or not; keep a log of your feelings. Seeing the way that you feel written down can help you track patterns and see trends.

Write more than negative feelings, be positive too! Write down something that you are grateful for, something that made you happy during the day. It can be as simple as your morning mocha or a kiss from your dog.

If you are comfortable doing so, share your journal with your confidante. They might be able to spot something that you did not notice before.

If you are a survivor of abuse, use your experiences as fuel for doing things to make the world better. Turn your moment of darkness into a lifetime of light.

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