What does a notary public do?

regards to the signing of any important official documents. Notary publics will also be able to administer oaths and can have other forms of official capabilities depending upon the jurisdiction they work under. In the United States of America, a lot of notary publics will charge nominal fees for their service and they would fulfill their official duties by just marking out essential documents with their sign and a embossing an official sealed stamp on it. Documents that are witnessed by the Mobile Notary Service Hollywood public are considered as notarized.

Benefits of notary public:

The unique advantages of having a notary public are quite simple. They will be certifying the authenticity of the signing parties and would provide organizations or individuals inexpensive ways to enter into any contract or conduct business with clear assurances about the notarized documents being recognized in any court.

By using the services of a notary public you will be able to protect yourself against any fraud because the notary will be responsible for having the signature on legal documents to establish a person’s identity. Even if it is not any proof for identity but it will provide reasonable evidences of identity and hence daily business can get conducted easily. Notaries can also act as an impartial third party for those partied which legally enter into any binding agreement.

History of notary public:

The notion of the notary has been around for a long time and had its origins in Roman courts. When the legal system of the romans got codified, the courts required more scribes to maintain all legal and court records. The scribes would then develop a form of shorthand for legal purposes called the notae and with time this legal scribe got known by the name notarius. Their duty evolved to not just maintaining legal records but also oversee important legal documents getting signed and so the notary public would come into being.

Role of the notary public:

These days the duties of the notary public are a bit different from the duties of the notarius. In the US, the notary public is authorized by specific bodies, which is generally a state government to perform certain specific services of the notary. Duties that they are required to fulfill include witnessing the signature of documents or oaths being administered and taken. There are certain states that allow Mobile Notary Los Angeles CA public to also certify the copying of all official documents.

The most common legal documents which notary publics will be witness to are those that concern sales and transfer of real properties and granting power of attorneys. Documents which notary publics can witness are:

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Affidavit
  3. Jurat
  4. Oath
  5. Formal protests

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