What is a Hair Tonic and How Should You use it?

Any beauty regime is incomplete without placing due attention to hair care. As astounding as it might seem, hair is an essential part of one’s make up as it adds glamour to one’s overall dress up or looks. While every celebrity swears by certain hair care routines, the commonplace barber in one’s locality can often be seen advocating the addition of hair tonics to their personal care habits.

It is natural to wonder about the importance of tonics, especially when a huge number of sophisticated hair care products are available in the market. But underestimating the potential of products sold by hair tonic manufacturers is a huge mistake. With added oils, it completely supplements hair nutrition demands. Its other benefits include:

  • Moisturizing Hair Follicles

Since hair tonics are generally made from natural oils, it can moisturize one’s hair efficiently. The oil envelopes the hair follicles and gives them a heavy texture. For best results, one must thoroughly apply it on the hair scalp coming all the way down to the strands, all the while massaging slowly.

  • Reduce Hair Damage, Especially Split Ends

As one’s hair stays moisturized, the ability of hair to retain their natural oils increases multifold. Resultantly, the strands are strengthened from their roots and better hair growth leads to bouncy, strong hair health. It is solely because of this feature that barbers swear by hair tonics for recovering the hair damage caused by pollution, illness, or split ends. As the growth of one’s hair gets facilitated, they can visibly see the changes in their hair quality.

  • Protects Scalp

Not all hair problems are caused by environmental surroundings. In addition to the personal care routine, scalp health is also a major factor that determines an individuals’ hair health. Hair tonics target the self-same area and increase its capacity to regenerate. Furthermore, they treat other scalp surface-related problems like dry skin, hair breakage, etc. In words of hair tonic manufacturers, just a few drops everyday is enough to cure every kind of hair related issue.

  • Prevents Recurrence of Dandruff

Dandruff occurs due to dryness of hair scalp, prolonged exposure to pollution and poor hair maintenance. Using hair tonic everyday rids users of dandruff related concerns since it ensures that the scalp is never dry and pollutants are not able to damage the roots of the hair strands.

Hair tonic manufacturers vouch that hair tonics are great tools for styling the hair, thanks to their inherent glossiness and weight features. After application of the tonic, one can simply comb the way one desires or make up a hairstyle that he/she wishes without the fear of messing it up later. For those unaware, the appropriate procedure to apply hair tonics is as follows:

  • Washing and Blow Drying

To get the best output, one must thoroughly wash their hair with shampoo and nourish it with conditioner before preparing to apply hair tonic. Following that, the hair must be blow dried to open the scalp pores. The key is to dry the scalp as much as possible to seep in tonic nutrients.

  • Massage on Dry Hair

Once the hair is completely dry, the tonic can be applied onto the scalp and root strands. It is better to start with a small amount of tonic as too much of it can make the hair look greasy.

  • Shape and Style

Once the massaging is over, the hair can be shaped and styled as per one’s needs.

Essentially, hair tonics are finishers that make the hair look glossier, softer, and smooth. So, it is better to try the product of hair tonic manufacturers before pursuing and following the expensive celebrity regime.

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