What Is Allen Key And Its Manufactuers

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Allen Key is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads. The tool is designed of a single piece of hexagonal rod of hard steel with blunt ends that are superficially fit  into the screw’s socket , bent in  “L” shape with unequal arms. The tool is held and twisted by the long arm , creating more torque at the tip of the short arm. On reversing the tool  the long arm reach screws in hard-to reach places.

Some trusted Allen Keys Manufactures :

  1. 1. Eastman Cast & Forge Ltd.:Is one of the leading Allen key manufacturers in India Clients can avail from there in an inclusive range of Allen keys as they are engaged in offering theses products in bulk. These keys are easy to use and guaranteed as a long lasting service life .
  2. Jaysee Industries is one of the allen key manufacturer and exporter for Allen Keys.
  3. Jf Tools
  4. Patel Metal Products
  5. Mansarovar Impex
  6. Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd.

7.Mundhara Steels

  1. Nabroco Tools is one of the famous Allen Keys set (10999) Exporters and Suppliers , based in India. The Allen Keys set offered by us is known for its sturdy construction and corrosion resistance.
  2. Dhankot Traders
  3. Taparia Tools Ltd.

Backed by the sound infrastructure all have been able to manufacture and Exporters superb Allen Keys. Hex Allen Keys , Star Allen Keys , and other related tools that suit the requirements of our valued customers . Their range is designed keeping the changing market trend so as to provide the innovative range to the customers in the least possible time. The varied tools can be availed from various sizes and specifications to meet the ever-changing expectations of our clients.

Features of Allen key:

  1. The tool is simple , small and light.
  2. External damage can be protected.
  3. Between bolt and driver the number of contracting surfaces are six.
  4. Accomodation of very small bolts.
  5. Headless and recessed- head screws are used.
  6. The key holds the screw while it is inserted into its hole.
  7. The length and thickness of the key is constrained by the torque.
  8. The tool is very cheap , so it can be included as required end-user assembly.
  9. Torque can be benefitted to the either end of the tool.
  10. An electric grinder is used for reconditioning by removing the worn out part near the end.
  11. High torque is more likely to damage an internal socket than an external hexagon wrench.
  12. It is very difficult to turn a damaged internal fastener than an external fastener.
  13. They are made by imparting the hexagon cross-section to steel wire then bending and shearing.
  14. These keys are usually made by stamping the head with a die.

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