Monitoring, Spying & Tracking: What’s This All About!

Monitoring Spying Tracking

Do you know the first ever cyber-attack was experienced in mid 19th century in France? This is may be something interesting for you. If we compare that time with today’s, now we are less secure. There are more frequent security breaches, data losses and hacking attacks. People feel less secure about their privacy as well as data.

This is not just about individuals, the big tech companies with the best software and tools are not sure when their data is lost and the hackers take over their database. The purpose to share all these details is to convince you to believe that no one is really safe these days. The data protection has become a serious issue.

Monitoring, Spying & Tracking

Monitoring is what we define as the process of keep eyes on someone’s activities. It can be online and offline. But in the modern-day context, monitoring is done online with digital tools, apps and software like the spy app. Tracking is also the same thing. But spying can be different. It is unique because it is done in order to get secret information about someone.

spying tracking

Spying and monitoring is being done commonly these days. The government agencies track the citizens with different tools for security reasons. Companies monitor their employees and staff to improve the workplace surveillance. Similarly, parents track their kids and so do people in relationships when they spy on their partners with partner spying software.

Why Monitoring, Spying & Tracking?

Hacking attacks are frequent these days as compared to the past. People in relationships doubt their partners. Parents want to keep eyes on their teens because they are concerned about the online activities of their children. All these things are termed as tracking, monitoring and spying. But the question is why it should be done? We are going to discuss this in three different scenarios.

Tracking for Employees

The workplace security is a serious issue these days. The employers are concerned about the activities of the staff. Many companies have faced serious financial losses due to the bad and rogue employees when they stole company details and ran away. The employers could do nothing as such people leave countries.

In order to avoid such things and to prevent data breaches, the employers want to monitor their employees. Many big companies watch the employees in their privacy. They use different tools and software that provide companies with secret information about the staff. Such tools like employee tracking system are used on the phones of the employees and the devices remain under vigilance.

Monitoring for Teens

There is no doubt that the use of the internet and smartphones has increased. Young, adults as well as teens now own smartphones. They spend a lot of time on using their phones. The online activities of teens are a matter of great concern for the parents. Teens share too many details on social sites, they use dating apps and share their locations as well.

These things compromise the safety of children. For this reason, most of the parents are these concerned about their children. So they want to keep eyes on their children, track their locations, check their internet use, monitor their social media and see what they do on their phones. For parents this is something really important as they can better protect their kids and teens.

Spying on Spouses

There is another group that we call people in relationships. We know that relationships these days are not as successful as they were in the past. Many factors are responsible for this issue. One of the most common reasons is the internet and furthermore the dating sites. People date other people despite being in relationships or even after getting married.

The other partner can feel this issue. So it hurts them. They can do nothing about it. The other partners want to resolve such issues. They ultimately start spying on their partners, husbands and wives. They find the truth when they hack into their smartphones, check their messages, see call history, read instant messenger chats and other stuff.

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