They are meant to handle tasks related to company and precisely clerical position. An office assistant is also referred as administrative assistant. They are also referred as an office clerk or secretary and even receptionist.  A clerk is someone who performs regular clerical tasks. They manage files, messages, schedule the appointments and support other staff members. And office assistant jobs are there in every organization

Duties of an office assistant

Following is the list describing the responsibilities of an office assistant:

  • Data entry and payroll tracking.
  • If they are working at supervisory positions then they make take important decisions. It may also include training and planning schedules for work.
  • They deal with the handling of printers, scanners, computers for the documentation.
  • They usually deal with tasks like typing, filing, keeping records and arranging checks. They may also prepare documents, process mail by sending and answering them and answering telephones are also part of the job.
  • They are also responsible for organizing office filling system, maintenance of registers of inward and outward, receipt and dispatches of correspondence, maintenance of office library and many more.

Educational qualifications

  • Any graduate having one year diploma in computer application from recognized university.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with qualification in office management and they must have good typing speed.
  • They must have a very good knowledge and skills on computer application, especially must be good at word-processing and preparation of excel sheet.
  • Good at coordinating with other employees.
  • They must have basic skills in filling systems and management of office.

Importance of an office assistant in an organization

They act as backbone of every organization. They know everything about an executive and help them with various tasks at base level, whether acting as mediator between an employee and HR. They are not only limited to the administrative work. They know what an executive needs, and how they think. And they also know without any conversation with the employees and what they need to do in order to make that same executive better.

They can work in wide range of sectors, covering both small and large enterprises.

Salary if we talk of is not attractive in the beginning but later on the salary package is increased, with huge incentives.

Now after having complete information about the office assistant jobs, you might be thinking of how to get a job. The method is quite simple. You just need to use a smart approach to get into an organization where you can work. You can use various methods in one go, to land yourself in a job. Some of the methods are referrals, networking, job portals, classified sections of newspapers, online and offline advertisements of jobs, social networking site and many more. If you want to lessen the time of getting hired you also need to prepare an attractive CV or resume. And then start applying for the jobs as per your requirement. 

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