Which Wood Suits The Best For Flooring- Solid Vs Engineered?

People interested in buying hardwood are unaware of the types of wood sell by wood flooring manufacturers. There are two kinds of wood available for use- solid and engineered. Both solid and engineered flooring bring structural appearance and add value to your home and you can get as many as species, stains, and designs you desire. Both of these flooring types are different from each other on several aspects. Let’s learn how solid wood is different from engineered.

The Definition

Solid hardwood – this type of flooring is made of pure hardwood and each plank is a single piece of solid wood.

Engineered hardwood – this type of flooring is build with layers. The top layer of engineered wood is 100% natural wood that you can get in your choice of species. The middle core is made of 5 to 7 layers of plywood that are interwoven in unique directions. The bottom layer is made of wood.

Comparison on built-

When it is about built, engineered wood has better construction than solid hardwood. Engineered wood has extremely stable core that doesn’t expand, shift or contract easily when exposed to temperature, humidity, and moisture. This built feature makes engineered wood an ideal flooring option for the areas where moisture or excessive heat exposure is common.

Why design options are not similar in both engineered and solid hardwood?

First, let’s know the solid hardwood. You can explore vast variety of solid hardwood to add life to your personal style and décor, manufacturers of wood flooring are offering a range from traditional hardwood to running colors to handcrafted wood. You can get widest solid flooring with 5” width.

Now come to engineered hardwood. You can avail engineered hardwood flooring in vast variety of styles. Be it the traditional or specialty design having multicolor options and handcrafted tool carvings. You can get such appealing hardwood only if you ask for engineered hardwood range.

The most suitable installation place

You can install solid hardwood at first and second floors and enhance your living areas like dining room, living hall, bedrooms, and kitchen. How to do it? Simple, solid hardwood can be installed using nails.

Engineered hardwood can be installed at every area where solid hardwood can’t be. You can use this hardwood for your basement, on concrete flooring, on radiant heating systems, etc. How to do it? You can use several options to install engineered flooring, such as staple, glue, etc.

How to choose between engineered and solid hardwood on durability?

Solid hardwood has super endurance property. You can sand and refinish solid hardwood multiple times as long as it exists. The solid hardwood construction can stay up well over time. If you treat solid wood with wear resistant, dent resistant, and termite resistant solutions, you can enhance the durability.

Engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times till the floor exists. You don’t require special solvents to treat engineered hard wood to protect it against termite, moisture, or humidity because the layered built of engineered hardwood makes it excellent stable product to fight against environmental challenges.

So next time if you get confuse about selecting hardwood flooring options for your home or project, don’t forget to ask the wood flooring manufacturers about your requirement. This way, you can get the exact deal at expected value.

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