Why Hire A Flooring Contractor: Creating The Look You Want That Will Stay For Years

Flooring Contractor

Wood flooring can last for quite some time, but it does eventually wear out. Once it does, you’ll need to hire a professional flooring contractor to install your new wood floor. Why? This question is easy to answer – you want your new floor to last just as long as the previous one. The only way that this will happen is if you have it professionally installed. Here are some other reasons why wood flooring contractors are the ones to hire for this type of job.

Demolition Can Be Tricky
There’s more involved in removing an old wooden floor than just tearing it up into smaller pieces. If it isn’t done right, the bottoms of your walls could be damaged, especially if the baseboards aren’t properly removed. On top of this, the floor joists need to be treated well, because they are very tough to replace – your entire house could be in danger of collapse if those joists are damaged. In addition, many old floorboards can still be used for numerous purposes. You need to remove them carefully to avoid destroying them.

They Know to Look For Signs of Damage
We already mentioned how damage could occur if the floorboards aren’t removed carefully. However, wood flooring contractors know to keep an eye out for general signs of damage that are already in place. A lot of different things are exposed when your old flooring is removed. The subfloor might have damage that needs to be repaired before the new floor is installed. Plus, there might be signs of a termite infestation or another type of insect.  A professional contractor knows what to look for and will require that repairs are made or that the insects are killed before the work can move forward.

You’ll Have An Expert On Hand
A good flooring contractor can walk you through every step of the process. This starts with picking out your flooring  to explaining how the demolition will take place. They will also describe how the installation process works, and keep you in the loop as everything happens. You won’t have to worry about finding out that the floorboards that you bought won’t fit your floors properly, because the contractor supplies them and knows what he is doing. The entire process goes much more smoothly.

Your Insurance Company Will Be Happy
While you don’t necessarily need to inform the company who handles your home owner’s insurance when you do home improvements, it will help if you do. When the company hears that you have an expert contractor handle your new flooring, you might actually save a bit of money on your insurance bill, because it is less likely that the new flooring will have issues. On the other hand, if you did it yourself and have no credentials, then you might see your insurance costs go up, simply because they need to be prepared should something go wrong.

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