Why You Should Develop Web or Mobile Application for Online Presence!

As a brick and mortar retailer, you are facing multiple challenges because of coming of online shopping solution, right?  You must be having thoughts to make up your e-commerce based web application or mobile application development service, for your online presence.

But why?
I am not saying that it is not worthwhile to be online and have a social media presence, but since years you have invested a lot in your asset, then why not to change it with a digitalized touch-up and make it more engaging and appealing for the customers walking into your stores.

More than $300 billion of revenue that is about 90% of retail revenue is accounted from brick and mortar retail, so in-store shopping still have their strong pillars in the market, it is not going to be overcome or swapped by any of the online e-commerce solution.

Yes, offline shopping experience can still have the same demand like an online with much more creative ways. How? Answer to it is Mobile Engagement!

Mobile engagement is the effect of engagement is past the bounds of the store in which a brand’s items are sold. In addition, the online experience doesn’t need to be confined to the home; stores can without much of a stretch convey the online experience to their clients in-store.

Why You Should Develop Web or Mobile Application

Existing Illustrations of Mobile Engagement
Amazon actualized it for their physical stores, Amazon Go. Shoppers just need to scan their smartphones while walking in and the company’s “just walk out” solution will identify when items are taken off racks (or put back to racks) and monitors what is in your virtual cart. At the point when a customer is finished with shopping, just walk out of the store, no long queue waiting for payment. The money will automatically be deducted from or added to your Amazon account.

Heineken, one of the greatest brew marks, has an exceptionally captivating in store versatile experience with their incentive-driven Heineken Specter campaign. Heineken utilized Logo Grab’s image recognition technique. By catching the logo on limited edition Heineken Specter bottles, buyers could get selective in the background film of the up and coming James Bond Specter movies. Amid the campaign, Heineken sold more than 500 million Specter bottles over the globe. This versatile engagement arrangement enhanced the in-store shopping knowledge by boosting and urging customers to connect with the brand, not simply carefully, but rather by physically getting the item itself.

Many more are existing in the market, and then what are you waiting for?

Just an IDEA can MAKE the change
Any of the quick thought with a deep analysis and proper planning strategy will let you never step back in the uplifting market.

Say as if,

  • If you have your store in a mall, fix a beacon and let your shopper or moving around customer receive notification of exclusive offers in-store.
  • Have a kiosk to display your products, and let them have their right size and shop directly, no hassle of putting on. Customization of colors can also be provided.
  • Augmented reality-based screen to swipe up what suits you more
  • Lens and Specs try up based on the virtual specs frames
  • New apparels coming up in the store alerts, right of the shoppers choice and based on past shopping
  • Tap & Pay, No Queue
  • Rewards and loyalty points are always a plus.

This is not the barrier, expand your thoughts and come up with something creative and what next? – Your will surely have a worthy customer engagement with a mobile app.

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