Guide To Write Research Paper in APA Style

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The specific method of writing a research paper as suggested by the “American Psychological Association” is called the APA style of writing. This method of writing is applied in the social sciences and basically runs on two concepts.

The first concept is the use of past or present perfect tense while citing the work of someone since, the research paper is scientific which means, it tries to display those facts that has been verified for its authenticity formerly. Secondly, the year in which the original source was published holds a lot of significance, so, it needs to be written immediately after naming the source in your writing. Below are given some examples for a better understanding.

“John (1980) discovered that most of the time, during watching television, children liked to do studying side by side.”

The use of present tense should be there while giving your own opinions and concluding the entire content. An example of this is:

“The proof for the increased usage of drugs holds for every person, regardless of their age because it includes children as well.”

Whereas, past or present perfect tense should solely be made use of while you are giving reference from a cited documentation. An example of this is:

“Taking extra doses of heroin resulted in more than five casualties as reported by Bill (1976).”

Basic Guideine for APA Style

  • Do not forget to give double space between all your words, be it your main matter, notes, information source or citations.
  • Margin of minimum one inch sized should be left on all sides of the paper and on every paper.
  • Mention the number of the page on the top right side of the paper.
  • Your document should have a running head.
  • Titles of anything from a book to a movie should be underlined. The essays which appear in the anthologies – collection of poetry and chapters of books should be enclosed in quotation marks.


Plagiarism is quoting the exact wordings of someone else’s work and making it seem as your own. It is the root cause of being unsuccessful in passing a subject and can as well call for suspension from your respective institute. Cite the specific passage or words within your extract along with the reference page, in order to keep away from plagiarism.

Reference page is written just below the content on the page. It comprises of alphabetically sequenced objects. Acknowledging the original sources is as essential as it seems. You can also convert a passage completely into your own and into simpler words instead of just differing the positions of words from the original source.

How To Write About The Book?

Writing about the book has a specified format which should be stuck to. The format is explained below:

  • Last name of the author is mentioned before and then the initial of the first name is written.
  • Next comes year of publication enclosed in parenthesis.
  • Underlined title of the book
  • The country where it got published
  • The name of the company which published it

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