WW2 American Uniforms: A Symbol of Freedom & a Great Investment

While fully complete, authentic WW2 American Uniforms can cost collectors and history buffs an arm and a leg, there are some reproductions that are significantly cheaper and look exactly the same.

The generation of American men who fought in World War II were some of the bravest people to ever represent our country. It is why WW2 American uniforms are still synonymous with freedom, honor and a willingness to sacrifice everything in the name of stopping evil. From 1939-1945 these men played a critical role in defeating the evil forces of Nazi Germany, Italy, and the Empire of Japan. They helped liberate most of Europe and prevented tyranny from spreading across the rest of the world. The sacrifices made by every branch of the American military during the Second World War is precisely why we still remember and honor them nearly 80 years after the final battle came to an end.

While there are many different ways for a person to show their appreciation for this great generation, owning your own uniform is definitely one of the better ways to show respect. Whether it is choosing to own a complete uniform or some of the more specific pieces of the ensemble, they can all be yours at a fair price as long as you choose the right vendor.

For many history lovers, collectors, and reenactors, that vendor is At the Front. They specialize in making reproductions of World War II clothing and equipment that are as close to the originals as you can get. Considering they have been at this for more than 25 years, it is no surprise how highly regarded they are in the industry.

Whatever type of uniform you are looking for, there is a good chance At the Front carries it. They offer the always popular Army HBT uniform, a standard issue look for all U.S. infantrymen that comes in both the traditional dark olive shade and camouflage. They come with oversized jackets, just like the originals were back in the ’30s. They also offer complete packages of the uniforms worn by paratroopers during the invasion of Normandy, one of the most iconic moments in the entire war. They also offer packages of the web gear worn by the U.S. Airborne that will have you looking just like these real-life high-flying heroes. These are perfect for anyone who partakes in D-Day reenactments and cares about having an authentic look.

They also sell traditional Army Infantry uniforms, but when it comes to their Army uniforms, their best product is easily the reproductions of the 506th Easy Company package, the same uniforms worn by the soldiers that inspired “Band of Brothers.” This package comes complete with every important detail of the uniforms, from the trousers and jackets to the helmet linings and patches, and even the bayonets and first aid pouches they carried with them. For anyone who has ever loved that critically acclaimed series, this is absolutely the best gift they could ever receive.

If all of this sounds like music to your ears, then head over to AttheFront.com to find the perfect piece of clothing or equipment for your personal collection or upcoming reenactment. Whether it is a WW2 American uniform or something else, the experts here are ready and waiting to perfect your order and ensure you are left completely satisfied with your purchase. Discover more about their vast selection of American and German items used during World War II. Discover just how easy it can be to find the right price on your dream historical clothing or equipment, order it, and get it shipped straight to your front door.

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