Never Pay A Yearly Fee Again With These Credit Cards

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If you pay your credit card bills on time and in full, you don’t have to worry about paying penalties or other late transaction fees. However, one often overlooked expense that is latched to your card and sucks your money every year is the annual fee. While it is true that you can waive your card’s annual fee, who wants to haggle with a customer service rep? Not everyone has time for that.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy paying zero annual fees if you pick the right card. We selected some of the best zero annual fee cards to help you apply for your next card.

Citibank Citi Rewards Card

Earn never expiring points whenever you shop with the City Rewards Card. For every P30 spent using this card, you can earn one point that can be used later for shopping. For bigger points in your account, Citibank offers three times more points when you use the City Rewards Card at any department stores and shopping boutiques here and abroad. No need to worry about your points since you can basically keep them for life.

Metrobank M Free Mastercard

As the name implies, Metrobank M Free Mastercard is the real deal: perpetually free annual fee. In case you’re strapped for cash, the M Free Mastercard will allow you to make a cash advance through Cash2Go. You can borrow an amount that’s even higher than your credit limit and pay it for up to 36 months with only a minimum monthly interest rate of 0.99%.

AUB Classic Mastercard

No annual fee for life may be the biggest draw of AUB Classic Mastercard, but it also comes packed with a whole lot more. Aside from billing no interests on new purchases, AUB allows you to set your due date. Whether you want to pay monthly, fortnightly, or weekly, you can pick the exact day for your due date so you’ll never a payment.

Bank of Commerce Mastercard Platinum

Want the lowest purchase required to earn a reward point? Bank of Commerce Mastercard Platinum rewards you with a point for every P25 charged on your card. For bigger points accrued, spend it on partner establishments and hoard up to five times more points. Their Mastercard Platinum also comes with a dual currency billing, which means all purchases outside of the country are automatically charged in a separate US dollar bill.

BPI eCredit Mastercard

Specially designed for online shoppers, the BPI eCredit Mastercard is the first local credit card made specifically for virtual purchases. Ideal as a second card for different transactions, the eCredit Mastercard can be requested as a companion card for free when you already have a BPI credit card.

To protect you from online fraud, BPI assigns a different card number to your eCredit Mastercard and lowers its credit limit as a security measure. Of course, principal and supplementary cards have waived annual fees for life.

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