Your Private Salon At Home for Skin Care

With increasing pollution and harmful sun rays, it is mandatory to take care of our skin immensely. Gone are those days when you can bare out your face in the sun without any make up or sunscreen. Also, for the women folk to look and feel confident, make up and skin care are both a necessity and a requisite in the recent days.

With the fast life in today’s world, we don’t even realize that some of our habits are actually responsible for damaging our skin – smoking and alcohol leads to skin darkening, junk foods are responsible for breakouts, if you don’t drink enough water, skin becomes pale and so on.

However with the increasingly fast way of life, it also gets difficult for the ladies to collect and make a paste from the natural ingredients like we would have seen our grandparents! Days have now evolved, so does our needs and practices. All we need is a solution that will help deal with the acne, tan, pimples faster and make up that helps concealing all the flaws thus enhancing the beauty hidden in you. There are several skin care products claiming to remove your acne and dark circles completely however you end up trying one after the other without any pronounced benefit. Go for the private label skin care products after reading the ingredients list carefully.

What should you avoid
Avoid those private label skin care products which contain the below ingredients, as these are too strong on the skin. Initially they may tend to work on your marks, but with time you will realize some other marks have developed or maybe your skin has become dull! Check below:

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Silicon-deived Emolients
  • Petroleum and Mineral Oils
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) & Triethanolamine (TEA)

Mandatory skin care regime
Cleansing toning and moisturizing is a well- known skin care regime. But do you actually follow this? Remove your make up every day once you are back from the tiring day and cleanse your face with a face wash based on your skin type. Dab the skin completely dry. Put on a toner that suits your skin and apply the nourishing night cream! Again, choose that private label skin care product that does not contain harmful chemicals and is herbal and safe to use. While you wake up, make sure you cleanse the face. On the weekends go for a massage on the face to revive the facial tissues. Opt for a scrub to remove the dirt and blackheads. Make this a weekly habit. Also apply for a mild face pack that will revise the glow on your face. Don’t forget to beat the harmful sun rays and UV rays with a sunscreen.

The private label skin care products aim to deliver the best of products with the herbal goodness of the natural ingredients which involves a lot of research and study. The natural ingredients of rose, sandalwood, neem, tulsi, aloe vera, papaya extracts, clay, orange peel, lavender, cocoa, shea butter, olive and many more are combined in the perfect ratio to produce and manufacture the magical products that truly perform miracle on your skin and bring forth the diva in you.

Bring forth the natural diva in you with the private label skin care products, with regular usage.

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