Your Walls need a Makeover


Wall Tiles has nowadays taken over the idea of wall painting when it comes to decorating the walls nowadays. If you are looking forward to decorate your domestic or commercial space, you should incorporate these wall tiles to enhance and brighten up the look of your space. It’s the walls that take up the majority of the area, so it is important to choose the colour, pattern and design on your walls carefully.

All you need to do is get in touch with one of the leading wall tiles manufacturers in the country so that you get the quality tested and durable product at the most competitive price. Not only are these stylish in looks, but they come with a variety of properties, like some are stain resistant, while others have water absorbent qualities! The leading wall tile manufacturer will be able to provide you the necessary guidance with respect to your needs. Now, let me take you through the other details of wall tiles.

How are Wall Tiles Made
Wall Tiles are made by the process of dust pressing wherein silica, quartz and feldspar are mixed in different proportions with clay and then churned with the help of kiln. This mixture passes through high temperatures of current which hardens the semi liquid concoction. The hardened mass is then carved out in different sizes with the help of machines. Then they are colour coated or printed as per the demand.

Types of Wall Tiles
It is important that you choose the wall tiles based on their physical properties so that they comply with being used in different areas of your domestic or commercial space. In order to finalise the type and pattern, consult one of the leading wall tiles manufacturers so that you receive a proper guidance and also your favourite pattern is imprinted on your walls! The different wall tiles available in the market are as follows:

Porcelain Wall Tiles
Porcelain tiles are made from ceramic clay but their water absorption rate is only 0.5% of their weight in water. The porcelain tiles meeting this criterion is considered impervious. This makes them well suited for bathrooms. These are also available in different colours and patterns.

Ceramic Tiles
Prepared from clay and silica, these tiles come in various sizes, with designs and patterns imprinted on them. Suitable for use almost everywhere, from living room to bathroom and kitchen walls, these are again of 2 types – glazed and unglazed. The glazed ones have a glass coating topped over the layer of clay and silica which adds to the shine and brightness. While the unglazed ones are somewhat matt in effect and are not stain resistant in nature as compared to the glazed ones.

Digital Wall tiles
Once the wall tiles are carved out, these are no less than a canvass! The HD or 3D paintings of your choice like that of a beautiful scenic landscape or under-water life can be imprinted by assembling several wall tiles together. These designs are imprinted with the help of printers.

Glass Wall Tiles
Glass tiles are generally used in luxurious hotels. The glass coating is fused with colour and is cut into small pieces.

Contact the leading wall tiles manufacture to finalise the type and design and give your walls the makeover it deserves.

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