5 Noises That Every Dog Is Scared Of

Have you ever noticed your pooch tremble in fear after a particular sound goes off? It isn’t nice to see your poor pup show any signs of pure dread, particularly when you cannot really do anything about the sound that has been causing the distress.

In the same way we humans do not like the sound of certain things, such as drilling and loud alarms, even dogs aren’t a fan of noises like those of a washing machine, pet clippers and emergency service sirens, to name just a few – particularly because they’ve got sensitive ears.

However, there are certain sounds that do set your pooch off and they perhaps are much louder to them than they might be to us.

Did you know as compared to humans, your four-legged companion can hear high pitched noises and detect them from a range of 67 to 45,000 Hz? That simply means, even a small clap of thunder would sound worse to them than it would ever to we humans.

Well, if you’re a pet owner, then you might surely figure out that the below mentioned sounds are what more often make pooches shake in fear or send them hiding beneath the bed.


Perhaps, this is one of the most common things that every other dog is scared of! And why wouldn’t they be – after all, firecrackers are a series of loud noises, which a canine has absolutely no idea as to why they keep going off!

Besides, no firecracker lasts for say just 2 minutes; in fact, it goes on all night long, particularly on the 5th of November. Also, the display of firework keeps filling the skies at random intervals all through November, December and January. Well, this is something that makes it all the more difficult for pet owners to help their furry buddy and could turn out to be really taxing for everyone involved.

However, do not worry, because there are certain things that you can do to soothe the fear and suffering of your pooch. Simply shut your blinds, windows and curtain and have some calming products in place to keep the dog faraway from those noises.

Vacuum Cleaner

Oh boy! Vacuum cleaners are for sure the worst enemy of dogs. For them it is kind of an alien robot that chases them in the room whilst making some extremely unpleasant sounds. Moreover, the suction thing, our poor four-legged friends don’t really get it.

Almost all dogs would make a run for their life the very moment they hear the vacuum cleaner start. However, there are certain pooches who perhaps try to bite it or bark at it because they don’t what exactly they’re supposed to do.

Let’s face it – we all agree that vacuum cleaners do not make a particularly soothing-to-the-ears noise; meaning, it’s easier to understand as to why it distresses the ear canals of our dogs.

Bubble Wrap

There wouldn’t be a single person who’d say they’ve never unpacked a gift and straightaway started popping the bubble wrap it was covered with.

Of course, this seems to be like a fun activity and makes you feel a little nostalgic. But while you are busy popping the wrap, have you ever noticed your pup hiding in one corner of the room looking as if they’ve just seen a ghoul?

Well, though this is something that brings back your childhood memories and you find it really exciting, what you need to comprehend is that dogs just hate that sound!


There is definitely something about those balloons that makes every other pooch super restless – well, that’s even before they start to pop!

By all means, even us humans wouldn’t appreciate it when a balloon is popped near our ears, particularly when we aren’t aware about the fact that it’s about to happen. At least, when we know that a balloon is going to be popped, we know what’s coming our way. But, dogs, they don’t really get it – all they can hear is a piercing pop in their ear canals.


Just like firecrackers, dogs just can’t come to grips with the noise of a thunder. And, in all honesty, even we don’t really enjoy that menacing clap of thunder taking place at a distance.

But unlike us, pooches don’t know where the sound is actually coming from or comprehend that whatever it is, is occuring in the sky and is completely a part of our nature. Well, for them, it’s perhaps like the world is going to end soon!

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