Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Jewelry Designing

Artificial Intelligence in Jewelry Designing

Artificial Intelligence in Jewelry Designing is a latest tech trend in lifestyle and fashion industry. Have you seen drawings of any of the oldest civilizations in the world? Then, definitely, you would have seen even people of those times used to wear jewels of different types.

The components may be different – stones, pearls, plant items and many more. As man evolved, styles and status were associated with jewelry.

For example, in India, a royal family woman may wear gold anklets but not the commoners. A man of status used to wear precious and expensive necklaces and bracelets in his neck and arms.

Artificial Intelligence in Jewelry Designing

In this article, you gain information on one of the new methods used to produce jewels as per the requirement of customers. So let us focus on artificial intelligence in jewelry design.

#1. Olden Times

In the good old times, you need to walk into a brick and mortar store to purchase jewelry. Now, with e-commerce in the fray, you can just check the website of a reputed jewelry store, go through pages, select a special design, make the booking and then go to the store. This method saves time.

The first aspect of Artificial Intelligence in Jewelry Designing or the introduction of machines which can act as men were shown in the film Terminator. But it was dubbed a fantasy movie. Cut to the present, after four decades, the same prophecy has come true.

In jewel designing industry, many gems are measured in carats. And it takes precision to cut a gem to the required carats. In recent times, Artificial intelligence is used to grade as well as cut diamonds to the desired level.

#2. Augmented Reality With AI

Similar to AI, Augmented Reality was also considered as a fantasy. The TV series – Star Trek popularized the concept of AR.

But with recent improvements in technology, augmented reality is getting implemented in the home improvement, construction, retail, and even jewel industry.

#3. How?

Check for Holojem, a platform designed with augmented reality applications. You can check any jewelry style from your home or office.

If you are visiting the online store that uses this platform, you can select the jewelry design and use the virtual option to check if it suits your style and personality.

#4. Dangle

This is an iOS app, another platform where you can find the potent combination of AI with AR. If you are a customer, you can try the earrings and need not to go to the jewelry store.

The AR application notes down the position of the ears, and you can keep the virtual earrings on the ears. You will feel as if you are looking at the mirror.

#5. Cutting Diamonds

The Sahajanand Group in Gujarat is making use of AI-driven machines to select and cut diamonds to the required carat. So far, until the present, manual human work was used to polish diamonds to the desired carat level.

Now a new machine has come equipped with AI applications. The machine is called as Robomatic, and it can work without human intervention.

Now imagine the advantages. A human can produce an error in polishing diamonds to the required level. But a machine with software applications will always design products of the required quality.

Have you ever heard about Martin Katz and Pamela Love? They are famous jewelry designers. Now, to maintain the name and fame, they need to introduce new jewel designs to the market every year or as per their time.

Now, the internet has made the entire globe as one human race. So, how will they know the requirements of their loyal customers, the common people, and the recent style trends?

This is where AI comes in. Now, let us imagine you are a famous jewelry designer. You are also famous as a prominent wedding planner in Bangalore.

Note every new jewel style introduced to the market from your brand gets sold off at a fast pace. What is magic? You make use of digital marketing coupled with Artificial Intelligence.

You have a jewelry website for your loyal customers. Now, you do not advertise a single new style on the website. You advertise various styles with different gemstones.

Based on the number of visits a web page containing the design has, you finalize the style and introduce it to the market. Any wonder that this jewelry design will not become the hot topic of the town?

The number of visits a web page gets, the more prominent style preferred by the customers are taken into account by AI applications. Then it will combine the data and give a perfect report on the preferences of customers.

#6. Your Own Style

Let us imagine, your wedding is scheduled for six months. You have already started shopping for jewelry and other items. You want to purchase a unique piece of necklace with various gemstones, but unable to find on any online website.

So, you decide for the easy method. There are some jewelry websites, where you can design your own jewelry by making use of online tools.

You can make use of the tools to design your own necklace with specific gemstones and then submit to the website owner. And this tool works on the concept of artificial intelligence.


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