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logojoy-reviewThe branding of a company largely depends on logo design, and Logojoy is one of the best logo-generating web applications powered by artificial intelligence Period.

Based on customer’s specifications, Logojoy designs logos using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence with more than 1 million customers, Logojoy has become one of the most popular logo designers. In November, 2016, the Logojoy website went live, was the quickly featured on product hunt and is now growing its team in Toronto, Canada.

Dawson Whitfield, head and founder of Logojoy, is a former freelancer graphic designer. He realized that good quality, simple logos in low price are in high demand amongst entrepreneurs. Thus, he thought of utilizing artificial intelligence for designing logos. After building the site and algorithm for his logo designing software, he started Logojoy using AI instead of a graphic designer, he has helped the company reach thousands of entrepreneurs.

Most of the customers that Logojoy targets are startups in the beginning stages as well as some small business owners.

Are you wondering why Logojoy is the best logo maker? Here are few key factors:

  • In the market, you will find several logo designers, but not all of them can help you in creating the logo of your dreams. Logojoy lets the customer participate in creating the model or replica of the logo they want for their company. After designing, customers can customize it according to their preference.
  • They then provide you with unlimited design concepts for free and you can customize your logo to make it picture perfect
  • Logojoy helps in designing a logo in a much easier way as it has a well-maintained network that will take you through some simple steps to design your logo. Following are the steps involved in designing a logo in Logojoy!

Step 1: Choosing a template logo
In the first step, you have to enter your brand name and click on “Get started” option. Then AI will provide you with large number of logo templates whose designs will match your brand name. From this you have to select some templates that will provide them the idea to design your logo. Using this template AI will create logo that will be pretty much similar to your requirements.

Step 2: Selecting color combinations
After selecting templates, you have to choose color combination for your logo. Variety of color combination is available from which you have to select one or more. Different shades of colors are available like yellow, red, purple, green and many more.

Step 3: Choosing symbols for your brand
This is one of the most important steps where you have to select the most appropriate symbols for your logo that will perfectly reflect your company brand name. You have to do this very carefully so that the icon chosen by you is unique and not similar to others.

Step-4: Selecting the logos
After you have given all your requirements, AI will design a lot of logos for you and will give you option to choose from. After choosing, you can customize according to your own requirements.

Step-5: Finalizing various things
This is the final step, where you will finalize the colors, fonts, layers for your logo. Here you can resize your logo symbol, change its position, and you can also change the size and position of the text. The symbol designed can also be changed in this step.

Step-6: Once you have finalized your logo requirements,
Logojoy will provide you again a number of different logos with all the changes you have done. From this you can select the best logo that will reflect your company brand name in a perfect manner.

Step-7: Payment
The payment method in Logojoy is very simple. Now, after your logo has been designed according to your requirement and customization, you will pay one-time money and directly download it from the website in various sizes and formats.

You have done a one-time payment by selecting from various pricing plans available. There are three basic pricing plans

  • Basic plan is available for $20 which provides low resolution logo on a white background,
  • Premium plan charges $65 that provides high resolution logo in transparent or black and white background
  • Enterprise plan is available for $165 that will give you one-hour design sessions with one of their designers.

Step-8: Downloading
After your payment, download your logo and use it for reflecting your company’s brand name in your products as well as your websites.

However, throughout the process there will be no graphic designers to assist you but if you have any problem you can call 24 x 7 customer care and get answers for your query.

So, if you are in need of a simple, elegant and good logo, then Logojoy is highly recommended.

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