7 Tips To Host An Amazing Vintage Tea Party

Everybody loves a trip down the memory lane. So why shouldn’t you strive to incorporate the same idea in your kitty party? Give your guests the chance to traverse the memory lane. The below tips can help.

Decide on the number of invitees
Before fixing the date, decide on the number of your invitees. Be realistic. How many people can you cater for? How much crockery do you have? How big is your table? Always think about these things before deciding on the number of your invitees. It’s highly recommended to keep the number small so you can keep everything under control.

Get your time and date sorted as soon as possible
So you have fixed the number of invitees. The sole focus should now be on the date and time of your party. These days most people are as busy as bees. Even with a few week’s notice, you may notice some having some previous commitments or plans. It’s therefore recommended not to wait for long. Be quick with your invitations, preferably a month or two early.

Decide your menu
Once the date and the number is fixed, it’s high time you fix the menu. After all, it is the most important part of your party. What do you plan to do? Will it be something traditional or something contemporary? Would you have enough time for preparation? Do you need to do a bit of research? Do any of your guests have food allergies? Strike off those items from the menu if you are aware of them.

Keep things simple. Even the simplest of all menus like sandwiches, cakes, snacks, chips with tea or coffee can do the trick nicely. Most of these items are classic, nothing extraordinary, but they will never go out of fashion. Note: Ask your guests to help you out. You may be surprised to see the enthusiasm in them.

The dress
The dress can play a major role in dictating the fun factor of your party. Do your best to set a theme for the party. Oh wait! It seems like you already have one -the vintage tea party. Ask your guests to come in vintage dresses. If you need an extra hand, check out vintage make-up, hair and dress ideas on the internet. Thousands of ideas are there on the internet. Use them.

Use vintage crockery for your party (if you have any)
Modern crockery is beautiful but it doesn’t suit the requirements of this party – that’s something we are more than sure of it. If you have vintage crockery, use it. They can complement your party well. You can even pick up a few from garage sales for only a few pounds. Local charity shops can be the perfect place for you to find these bargains. Pawn shops can also be a good option.

Note: Grab yourself a bamboo tea tumbler. It can help in keeping your tea hot for an extended period of time. You can fill it up and keep it somewhere in the party so your guests can pour themselves a cup whenever they wish for it. The tumblers are also pretty inexpensive and can complement your party nicely.

Go for a vintage photo booth if you want to amp up the fun of your party
Photo booths are fun; there is no doubt about it. They can amp up the level of fun in your party by a notch or two. Just like vintage crockery, a vintage photo booth can complement the theme of your party exceptionally well. Feeling a bit adventurous? Go ahead, get one.

A little bit of music and entertainment
So the date is sorted; the menu’s sorted and even your booth’s sorted. Now comes entertainment. What music should you put on? Is it going to be based on the 70s rock and roll genre? Or is it going to be Floyd? Or do you think pop suits better?

Or should you have a bit of rhythm and blues dance? Decide on these things ASAP. So that’s it then. Pretty simple; isn’t it? It’s the execution which is difficult. Make a systematic plan and go ahead with it. That is the key to hosting an amazing vintage tea party.

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