How Can You Be More Effective With Your Lead Generation Efforts In 2019

That’s the strategy that most SaaS companies embrace when it comes to nurturing their leads.

But your leads can quickly burn out if you hammer them with emails, and the only metrics that tends to increase substantially when you do this is your unsubscribes. That’s not good for anyone.

In this post, I’m going to share with you three simple techniques that can be leveraged to increase the likelihood that your Lead Generation are nurtured appropriately and effectively. There’s nothing worst than watching leads slip through your funnel because you didn’t embrace the right efforts.

Here are three simple strategies that can be embraced and don’t lead to failure:
Engaging & Powerful Personalization

The most powerful word you can say to someone is their first name. The second most powerful word depends on the amount of information you know about them and how you can demonstrate a deep personal connection. A strategy for improving your success rates when implementing lead generation efforts is engaging & powerful personalization.
Personalization is about:
Controlling WHO you talk to (segmentation)
WHAT you say (templating)
And WHEN you say it (workflows).

The best practice is to combine all the context they have on their customers to send only hyper-personalized messages to their customers.

More Strategic Engagement Triggers
Once a lead is going through the buying cycle it’s important to give them opportunities to get closer to a sale through multiple avenues. Whether it’s offering them a spot on a webinar that is coming up or offering them a free guide — all of these efforts provide them with the ability to increase their engagement level and for you to trigger a new sequence of activity & engagement.

Let’s say you’re running an educational event for key customers & prospects. You send an email to your lead list hoping that some of them demonstrate interest and order a ticket to attend. Most companies will simply press send on the email and hope that on the other end they are met with sign ups. The best companies use triggers to influence the way in which they engage with different prospects.
For example — You can leverage CRM data to make sure that the messages that go to people at companies with more than 20 people get message that talks about “bringing their team” and people who are solopreneurs are met with messages that are focused around them as individuals. Or… You can trigger a follow up email that differs depending on whether someone clicked the link in the email or if they almost went through the check out for event tickets.

All of these elements can result in better engagement. Better responses. And an overall better lead nurturing program.
Omni-Channel Marketing

Once you have leads engaging with your content it’s time to get creative.
Rather than giving your leads fatigue by delivering emails over and over and over again– mix it up. Supplement your emails by leveraging channels like:

Live chat (Intercom, Drift)
In-app personalization (RightMessage, Intellimize)
Offline gifts (Sendoso, Printfection)
Social media (Phantombuster)
Retargeting ads (Rollworks, Influ2)
Targeted sales outreach (Salesforce, SalesLoft, Outreach)

Diversifying the ways you reach your customer reduces the likelihood of fatigue and increases familiarity with your brand. All of this combines to make it more likely that your leads will become qualified opportunities and move from opportunities into customers.

One of the best ways to set this up is leveraging a tool like Hull to connect user data from website traffic to Hubspot and to Facebook ads manager. Once all of these platforms are talking you can ensure that you have a complete profile of what’s going on with your visitors and ensure that your ads are being served to the right people and emails are being sent at the right time with the right message.

Want more lead generation efforts?
This is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are PLENTY of other strategies you can leverage.

But combining all three of these strategies is a sure-fire way to make your lead nurturing efforts more effective at turning leads into opportunities and opportunities into customers. If you have any questions about these techniques and strategies don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter @Hull! or connect on LinkedIn.

I’m always up for chatting with data driven marketers about how they can leverage their data to create more effective lead generation efforts.

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