How a Mobile App Can Build Business Stronger

Table of contents How a Mobile App Can Build Business Stronger Consider as a Sales Boosting Machine Customers Presence Re-targeting to Customers Personalization – make users feel special. Wait, are you asking how? It’s simple, with the help of personalization. A most powerful tool #1. A passive plan #2. An action plan It’s undeniable that […]

Mobile App

It’s undeniable that we are completely addicted to mobile phones, and 2018 is a mobile era. According to the report, more users of smartphones in 2017 than desktop users across the world.

Entire things like products, services, and even supplies must have to accommodate through handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

It has become a game of survival where the go-mobile-or-perish has become the condition. It’s a fact that all businesses have their website.

Many businesses have a minimum of one website, which is rich-functional – but we cannot deliver the same statement for the mobile applications.

The number of studies by Oracle showed us that more than 59.99% of users prefer to operate mobile apps instead of mobile-friendly websites for e-commerce purchasing.

How a Mobile App Can Build Business Stronger

Let make it clear, if you are managing a business that delivers goods and services from a remote location or has an internet presence, then owning an app is more advantageous than just having a highly responsive website.

Consider as a Sales Boosting Machine

The main objective of every business firm is constant growth in business as well as profits. The triumphant experience of market leaders such as Domino’s Pizza, Rebecca Minkoff, Zara, and so on proves that mobile app development company can help you boost sales up. Let me show you some examples:

  • Zara has achieved more than 55% of its sales through a mobile app.
  • After releasing a mobile app, Rebecca Mink made itself to purchase three times more garments than the company ever thought.
  • Domino’s Pizza online sales increased by 28% in the United Kingdom after launching an app.

Isn’t it impressive? Now maybe you’re thinking about what all such figures mean for your business. Well, it means a mobile app development for the business firm can boost its revenue by 25 – 55%, which might be more. So don’t you think that you should give it one single chance?

Customers Presence

The mobile phones are not gadgets – it has become an essential part of our daily life routine. According to the data analysis, more than 58% of the global population have smartphones (nearly 100% in Europe and North America).

I’m 110% sure that almost 90% of your customers have their smartphones, and at least 65% of them are active users. Indeed, modern research has revealed that 7 out of 10 adult people spend about three and a half hours of the day using applications.

It seems reasonable enough if a user spends a part of this time in your app doesn’t it? It’s inexpensive to transform or create the same app for another operating system like Android to iOS (or vice versa) to get as many users as possible.

Re-targeting to Customers

Wait!!! Did you ever calculate the profit amount you lose due to the incomplete orders? The ending result will leave you with a shocking development.

Now the mobile apps can help users complete orders, make new people visit your stores, and show them your products and services you offer. You were thinking about how it can be possible?

  • Through analyzing the users’ behavior and make them remind to complete all the unfinished actions accordingly.
  • Through implementing the geolocation service to invite users into your store when they’re binding near it.

Re-targeting is frequently recognized as one of the competitive advantages of a mobile app compared to a user-friendly website.

Personalization – make users feel special.

Those business firms that offer mobile application services to their customers are not only limited to a boundary line of selling and buying relations, but it also develops an emotional bond between the customers and your business.

Wait, are you asking how? It’s simple, with the help of personalization.

By remembering user’s privacy preferences, programs of progress in rewards, shopping carts, and wish lists, and so on you can make your customer feel like that you care about them.

It also develops a better experience in your app since they don’t even need to sign in which helps them avail themselves of whatever they are required for.

In an era of modernization, it has become possible to deliver your customers a user-specific experience of implementing the techno learning algorithms.

A most powerful tool

Mega brands spend millions of dollars on their promotional campaigns to attract the number of new customers. Therefore, startup and midsize businesses cannot pay such a considerable cost on marketing, so in this situation, an application can significantly assist you.

I must be wondering about how? The answer is simple, social media.

I think everyone knows how much time people spend their time on social media accounts. It’s more than several hours! This weak point has converted into one of the mega benefits of a smartphone app for business:

#1. A passive plan

The social share feature’s function permits a user to share the fascinating experience with his friends and audience, which he gets from your app – whether it’s about consuming the goods and services.

#2. An action plan

Now you can make more people share the information about your business in a more dedicated way. Wondering how? By offering them several discount codes, gifts, or report a review.

These two plans are two of the greatest and beautiful ways to get new customers and grow brand awareness among the community.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you clearly understand why your business needs to own an application. We can see now how a simple application can transform the entire business structure – even the main focused point, the sales graph.

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