How to Fix PDF Filling of Form Fields not Supported Issue

“To become a part of a business symposium, I was supposed to fill up a form circulated by the organizers. One of my friends collected it from somewhere and gave it to me. But I was unable to fill pdf form because PDF filling of form fields not supported. I thought there won’t be any requirement of the password as I was able to open the PDF file easily. But it seems that the original author had placed some permission password for form filling. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem?”

The usage of PDF file has spread in numerous fields. Earlier, PDF was used to save documents but now, it is being used for various other purposes. Take Form Filling for example. PDF files have become a trusted medium for form filling these days for its security measures.

But what to do if the pdf filling form fields not allowed? What if you are about to fill a PDF form and find out that it does not support form filling? Keep calm and read on this blog as we will share with you ways to overcome PDF form filling restrictions. But first, we will talk about PDF file restriction in brief.

What is PDF File Restriction?

PDF file is known for its foolproof security and restriction is a security component of it. We all know that we can copy, edit, print, extract, and even fill up form using the PDF file. But these actions can also be restricted using permission password. Once this password is set, these actions can’t be performed by the user. Though this restriction is done for security, users may need to remove restriction without a password due to some urgent requirement.

Solutions for the Issue “PDF Filling of Form Fields not Supported”

There are different ways to enable form filling in PDF files. Users can either use manual techniques to remove the restriction or they can take the help of an ultimate software for disabling this restriction. Here, we will describe both methods.

Method 1: Use Adobe Acrobat DC

If you are a subscriber of Adobe Acrobat DC and know the restriction password, then it can be your preferred solution. Perform these steps one by one to resolve “PDF filling form fields not allowed” issue.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC on your Windows system.
2. Navigate to Security Settings and select Permission Details.
3. A dialog box will pop-up to display the restriction status.
4. Click on Security tab and open the drop-down list of Security Method.
5. Select No Security >> OK.
6. At this point, users will be asked for permission password which they have to provide.

Now the restriction will be gone and users can fill their form without any difficulty.

Note: Adobe Acrobat DC will require you to enter the permission password. Without the permission password, it will not be able to remove PDF form filling restrictions.

Method 2: Professional Software to Enable Form Filling in PDF

If you do not know the restriction password, or not willing to become a subscriber of Acrobat DC, then you have another option for you. PDF Restriction Remover trusted application that lets you remove different restrictions from PDF files including form filling. It takes only a few short steps to resolve “PDF filling of form fields not supported” problem:

1. Open the software and click on Unlock.
2. Browse the restricted PDF form
3- Choose the destination location
4. Click the Unlock PDF button
5. Now, you have successfully enable form filling in PDF

Now you can check the form & see that you have resolved the “PDF filling of form fields not supported” issue.

Other Features of the Tool to Enable PDF Form Filling

  • Remove PDF restriction without password
  • Disable permission for copy, print/ form fill up
  • Adobe Acrobat installation not required
  • Works on PDF files with 128/ 256 bit encryption
  • Supports all Windows OS versions


If you have come across the problem i.e. “PDF filling of form fields not supported”, then the restriction must have been enabled. To disable this restriction, users can perform any of the methods mentioned here. If you are a subscriber of Adobe DC and know the restriction password, then you can go for the manual technique. But, if you do not know the password, the described software is the right choice. It removes restriction without even entering the permission password which is of great benefit to the PDF file users.

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