Top 10 PHP Development Tools for Developers

Table of contents Why is PHP still so popular? Top 10 PHP Development Tools #1. NetBeans #2. XAMPP #3. Sublime Text #4. PHP debug bar #5. Aptana studio #6. Code lobster #7. PHPStorm #8. Eclipse #9. NuSphere PHP #10. Xdebug Conclusion PHP is the most extensively used and fastest server-side programming language for developing online […]

Top PHP Development Tools

PHP is the most extensively used and fastest server-side programming language for developing online applications and services. Many bespoke software developers prefer PHP to other languages for various reasons.

As applications become more complex, delivering high-quality PHP apps becomes more difficult. It’s more important than ever to perfect your PHP performance measurement technique. However, many development teams agree that picking the correct PHP tools is critical for producing and maintaining high-quality code.

This blog will guide you about some of the most fantastic PHP development tools that have attracted the attention of PHP development companies in India.

PHP is a general-purpose programming language that may be used to create engaging and interactive websites. It was among the first server-side languages to be integrated into HTML, quickly adding features to web pages without accessing data from separate files.

PHP security has been questioned, but it’s crucial to remember that it’s not intrinsically more or less safe than other programming languages. It employs memory and performs well in speed, especially in later versions.

One significant advantage is that, due to its extensive use and support networks, there are now a plethora of tools, frameworks, and best practices available to assist in repairing flaws and preventing attacks.

One of the significant advantages of being around for a quarter-century is that PHP code has been well-tested in various real-world scenarios.

The language has been stabilized, and developers can trust it now that the major flaws have been identified and fixed. Furthermore, multiple frameworks and tools have been developed to aid in the secure, efficient, and effective creation of PHP web applications.

Top 10 PHP Development Tools

A PHP development company in India and PHP developers in India use PHP development tools to improve coding efficiency and make PHP tasks easier.

There is a plethora of PHP programming software and tools on the market. These tools aim to provide the ideal PHP environment, allowing developers to create a user-friendly, feature-rich, and innovative project.

#1. NetBeans

Since its initial release, NetBeans has been the most popular open-source IDE, with more than 18 million downloads. Although it was once recognized as a cumbersome tool that could only be used for Java development, now it is lighter, much faster, and supports everything in PHP. NetBeans is known for being feature-rich, accessible, and multilingual. It supports PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Laravel.

One of Netbeans’ most appealing features is that it can be used to create a web application that supports various languages. Code compressing and organizing, shrewd code fruition, getter-setter age, attempt/get code fulfillment, and sentence structure highlighter are the main features of this modern equipment.

NetBeans’ code generation tools, code templates, rapid repairs, smart code replacement, tips, and rewriting are just a few of the vital features that maintain it at the top.


The most widely used PHP development environment is XAMPP, an offline PHP development platform that lets developers test the code as if it were operating on a web server.

The XAMPP open-source software was made exceedingly easy to install and use. Developers can use this tool to polish PHP code locally before releasing it to a live server, resulting in fewer performance concerns.

#3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform text editor with a unique user interface. With the support of a sound command palette connected with it, the comprehensive text editor is meant to produce code, markup, and prose.

The platform provides developers with several shortcuts to assist them in going to files quickly, jumping to a line, phrase, symbol, and so on.

Developers can also write or modify many programs concurrently with Sublime. The software is compatible with different grammar and allows developers to edit many languages simultaneously. Sublime is among PHP developers’ most popular text editors since it is faster and easier to use.

#4. PHP debug bar

This may be used on any project and displays data from various online applications. This utility is divided into the Main Debug Bar and the Standard Debug Bar.

The data collectors and renderers are part of the main debug bar object, whereas the standard debug bar has a built-in collection of pre-packaged collectors. This can be used to detect JavaScript and HTML issues.

This tool also inspects CSS components, examines JavaScript, and keeps track of network traffic. PHPDebugbar has a simple and intuitive user interface that includes generic and well-known data libraries. The network traffic can be viewed, and past requests can be saved and reopened.

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#5. Aptana studio

For an open-source IDE, Aptana Studio has a remarkable number of functionality. It also runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can integrate your existing PHP tools to build and test PHP applications in one ecosystem equipped with a built PHP server and debugging tool.

#6. Code lobster

Because of its automated features, this is one of the most well-known PHP development tools. In JavaScript, for example, an autocomplete includes the names of qualities, capabilities, labels, and contentions. It also has an internal debugger that verifies your code.

#7. PHPStorm

PHPStorm makes system development and maintenance easier. On the IDE, structures like Zend Framework, Cake PHP, and Symfony are applicable.

It also helps with front-end changes. Unit testing, debugging, troubleshooting, and database mixing are all possible with PHP.

#8. Eclipse

When looking for the top PHP development tools on the internet, most of the results will include Eclipse. It is placed among the best PHP development tools as a comprehensive programming tool. Developing and simplifying complex PHP code is easier when you have the freedom to choose from many plugins.

It also aids in modifying and extending the IDE to meet project requirements. The IDE is suited for large-scale PHP projects and can support both GUI and non-GUI programs.

#9. NuSphere PHP

NuSphere provides a PHP-based proprietary integrating development tool. A PHP editor, debugger, powerful profiler, code insight, and database client are all included.

The utility offers developers a variety of modifications and tools to make the development process go more smoothly. The tool speeds up the app development process using PHpExpress, a commercial PHP accelerator.

#10. Xdebug

Xdebug has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable PHP tools. Debugging and stack tracing are both possible with this open-source solution.

Xdebug is interoperable with countless front-end debugging tools and is accessible as a plugin for Eclipse, PHPDesigner, and most other development platforms.


PHP has become among web developers’ most popular and all-encompassing programming languages. There are a plethora of PHP IDEs available, many of which are improving with time. The best aspect is that most of these open-source tools include helpful features like debugging and automatic indentation.

Most of the tools described above are open-source and offer a variety of capabilities ranging from syntax highlighting to debugging, allowing developers to write flexible and convenient code. Select the appropriate tools for your project that will assist you in improving the development.

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