Twists and Turns in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most used corporate program in the world. People find it effortless, and they love using it. Simply, because it has the power to make their corporate chores look extremely smooth to manage. Though, Microsoft Dynamics suite of tools were largely known as Customer Relationship Management solutions. However, Microsoft stunned the world with the invention of Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 turned out to be a boon for the businesses. It is not only restricted with only CRM capabilities, but it contains a lot more. It includes much more than only customer relationship management features, and can be used by the whole company.

What makes Dynamics 365 an all-encompassing tool?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is pretty inclusive. As, mentioned earlier, it not just contains some of the best features for the customer support team, but it also contains a lot for various other wings of a business as well. Starting from finances to sales, the tool can be used by almost every part of a firm. And, the best part is that it connects the company in a pretty decent manner. People can stay in touch with each other, and if need arises, seek help whenever needed, just with some steps. Dynamics 365 makes it that simple!

Did Microsoft add features for attracting more customers in Dynamics 365?

Microsoft designed specific apps for marketing as well as sales, which are aimed to help the firm perform better. The apps are intended to empower the firms to catch the fancy of larger audience and convert more leads.

How good is the app for marketing?

Let’s start with the marketing section. Microsoft Dynamics 365 consists of an especially dedicated Dynamics 365 app for marketing. Though, you must be thinking that it contains everything that a normal marketing support app would contain but that’s not it. Microsoft has tried almost everything possible to make this app a lot better than others. Apart from the trust of Microsoft that comes with it, it does consists of a plenty of cutting-edge features which it perfect for the new age marketers.

The app for marketeering contains a very interesting and highly useful campaign creation section. This part of the app is specifically made for the marketers who like to plan, prepare, run and review their campaigns on their won. It contains all the right features to help the marketers do exactly what they want to do. As, marketing experts also get the option to not only edit the communication but to edit the design as per their wish as well. This makes it more convenient for the marketing professions to create fascinating campaigns which are apt for the target audience, as they are the ones who have full understanding of what the target audience will accept. Apart from this, the fact that it helps the marketers to handle a plenty of activities, all at one place makes this app all the more preferred. Also, it makes it smooth for the marketing professionals to stay in touch with other teams and seek their help whenever required.

How good is the app for Sales?

Just like the app for marketing, the sales app does contain many interestingly new features as well. However, the fact that Dynamics 365 can be accessed through a phone as well, which makes it easy for the sales reps to update info on the go, is something that is loved by the sales reps. Also, the app has made it flawless for the sales reps to keep a track of their leads. Also, there is a very useful lead scoring feature. This lead rating feature helps the sales experts to identify the most ‘lucrative’ of all the leads. This helps them to prepare better plans and convert more and more leads.

Integration of ERP

Now, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also contains the ERP functionalities. This implies that a company may choose to opt for Dynamics 365 only, and not for the ERP program separately. Dynamics 365 contains a dedicated section for finance and operations. It not only comprises of all the important and old ERP features but, it contains various new add-ons as well. A lot of fresh, cutting-edge features are also added my Microsoft, which make this an ideal tool to handle the finances and operations of any organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is evolving at a rapid pace. We are all excited for some more updates to see how Microsoft can actually make it all the more better!

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